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  1. This has been mine since the first conference for Toney vs Couture
  2. I go by the 72 hour rest period. I don't do a full arms day because a lot of it gets done with shoulders, back, chest. Mine looks like this. Day1: Chest Day2: Shoulders Day3: Back Day4: Legs/Cardio Repeat
  3. Its a possibility every year. The Pats did it until the superbowl, the Colts got to 12-0 one year? I could be wrong on that. It seems every couple of years a team gets 10-0 or better and then when they lose everyone says it will never happen again. I think it can, but when its happened once in the history of the NFL it will be awhile yet. And yes I care its just not exactly a memorable story, everyone loves an underdog more than a favorite.
  4. Not the first time GSP had a long layoff and came back to bore everyone to death in his first fight back.
  5. Two not so well known names to the average person, but highly regarded to hardcore boxing fans. Both are undefeated, Gamboa is an experienced boxer at age 30 as well as a former gold medalist in 2004. Broner is young, exciting and full of confidence. Even going as far as saying he is better than Floyd Mayweather was at the same age. The two are in range of weight, Broner having just fought at super featherweight were Gamboa currently fights. Thoughts on this possible match up? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuriorkis_Gamboa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrien_Broner
  6. Franklin, like 99% of MMA fighters, has a glass jaw. Nothing special there.
  7. Heavyweight boxing today is **** all. Nobody cares because there is nobody good. Wlad and Vitaly aren't that good. Look at the difference in skill from the lower weight classes to the current heavyweights. They are worlds apart.
  8. Billy Currington - Pretty Good at Drinking Beer Pretty much the story for everyone here.
  9. Kind of makes you question if the French kiss was actually French... Maybe German
  10. It doesn't mean anything yet, in Canada we have a political party that wants to separate in charge of Quebec. Thats a problem.
  11. **** rap and hip hop ******** Kiss My Country *** - Blake Shelton
  12. Macdonald vs Penn, I love too see MMA fights. Not Nate Diaz think he can "box" when really he can't
  13. UMCMMA

    Rock Paper Scissors

    If someone actually commits to a double on JDS they will probably get it. I haven't seen a decent wrestler ever commit to a shot on JDS. Nelson did but he is a fat slob.
  14. Le landed a flail punch on the typical glass chinned old MMA fighter. Whats talented about that? Its like saying King Kong was talented for picking on that blonde girl.
  15. Its what is currently killing boxing. And its what will make MMA lose its steam of catching up to boxing. If the UFC has any hope of setting any PPV records in the next ten years, they have to get a true legend in there against a groomed from birth fighter. An Oscar Dela Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather type bout. But with the current champs fighting once or twice a year, it won't happen for a long time.
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