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  1. I realize this thread is old, but I forgot about the forum for awhile. All I've got to say is any MMA fighter would get destroyed in top tier boxing, and vice versa. But boxing is a much more difficult sport to crack into than MMA. Its also much more highly skilled. Not saying MMA doesn't require HUGE amounts of skill. But it hasn't been around long enough to be on boxings level.
  2. Overeem via TKO, GnP style. Seriously he will pound JDS out. Look at what happened to Rogers (A bum I know but he is still a big tough guy)

    Nate's Boxing

    I have been reading a lot about his boxing in the last couple of weeks, and although it is really good, especially for MMA there are some major holes in it. Yeah he destroyed Gomi and Cerrone on the feet but look at their head movement, there was nothing there. If Diaz fights someone with good head movement he is damn near screwed. Don't get me wrong he does have some sick hands but it is easy to beat him on the feet. Cerrone could have done it but the whole night he let Diaz stalk him and didn't circle much he just stood there and moved straight back. The way I believe it would be possible to take out Diaz on the feet is to lay back let Diaz come after you and let him move forward but don't let him punch first. When he starts firing off combos and gets confidence there is no stopping him, so how do you stop that? Make sure you are getting off first, don't try to counter, hit him before he hits you, circle to the side leg kick and out. Its simple and has a great chance of working. Either way it would have worked better than what Cerrone did last night. And an easy way to counter Diaz is too move your head, he is really good with his long punches. But if you move your head and slip the first punch its easy to get by anyones hands. Once you avoid the first shot hit him with 1 or two quick shots and move away.
  4. My meniscus and ACL were both bad. My ACL I had to take a whole year off after surgery. My meniscus was supposed to be 8 weeks to recover but I was running and exercising within 3 weeks. ACL is much more painful and you can't even walk when it completely tears apart. Meniscus was painful but more of a stinging pain when you tried moving laterally in my experience.
  5. I trained with a partially torn ACL for over 4 months. You didn't see me *****ing.
  6. If he is 100% by fight day, he would have been able to train boxing, technical kicks, and cardio up to a week in advance. He easily could have fought and easily could have made weight but he is too much of a *****.
  7. If JDS truely did tear his meniscus its not that bad of an injury. I tore my meniscus a little over 3 months ago and had surgery about two months ago. Before surgery I could still participate in Kickboxing, jiu jitsu and other sports. It was just painful. However if JDS got surgery then he is one tough SOB. Meniscus Surgery is supposed to have an 8 week recovery period, however I was walking within 3 days and resuming kickboxing and other athletic activities in 3 weeks. With that being said other people might react differently. On GSP's case, he is a ****ing *****. I had a torn ACL prior to my meniscus injury, a torn ACL being one of the worst knee injuries out there. And if he hurt that he would be out for a year, gotten surgery and not be walking for a solid 10 weeks. Not running and walking around like there is no big deal. In my experience with knee injuries I have come to this conclusion. If you can walk without any pain than don't be a ***** and get back to work! Just because your supposed to give yourself an 8 weeks recovery period, doesn't mean you need that much time.
  8. Penn sucks! Put his ****ing ***** *** in with Lights out and his lights will go out!
  9. James Toney will KTFO either of them pale *** motha ****as! Blee Dat!
  10. UMCMMA

    Who's more of a man?

    James Toney is! Blee Dat!
  11. Sonnen ain't got **** bro! He gonna get ****ed up like the lil ***** ***** he is! Blee Dat!
  12. **** that *****! Get all up in there! Blee Dat!
  13. You ****** ain't know ****! Blee Dat!
  14. St. Pierre will take this one by UD, same way he beat Shields and KOS. Lots of jabs mixed in with takedowns. That or he will make it look like the second Penn fight.
  15. It sucks when you have a newbie Junior member come up and start talking trash, its like you don't even have ten posts back off son.
  16. I don't even have to go to the bar to get women, they come to my house and bring alcohol mix me my drinks and then we haven intercourse.
  17. I went with Jones, I understand he is great and still improving. But saying he is untouchable is un realistic, everyone thought the same about Machida before and then Shogun afterwards. Jones will lose his belt within the year.
  18. GSP better be practicing his countering skills for this. As we saw in the Daley fight, Diaz isnt scared to go toe to toe with any body, and if youve seen his previous fights you know his BJJ tranfers to MMA very well and is some of the best out there.
  19. Canada is an awesome place, besides the -40 C every winter and the +40 weather every summer. At least it's that way in Saskatchewan.
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