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  1. I originally said hte winner of the Boston vs Montreal series will win the cup...I still stand by that statement.
  2. Diaz via Gogoplata!!!
  3. Stann has the skill to do it, and he could also shoot for the takedown. And I have never seen Anderson stuff a legitimate shoot takedown.
  4. No Anderson got hit by a terrible striker in Sonnen, and got dropped. Imagine if someone with Stann's power plants one on his chin, he will go to sleep.
  5. Brain Stann is a man on a mission, and he wont stop until he gets to the top. He will be the MW champ withing the next two years. He has the dedication, he has the cardio, he has everything to do it besides an amazing ground game. Which is coming.
  6. Efrain Escudero Stephan Bonnar Wanderlei Silva Brandon Vera
  7. BJ Penn, Rampage, Carwin, Bader, Baroni
  8. A takedown is equal to dropping someone? No Its just a terrible idea 1.5% good
  9. Sean Sherk....that is all.
  10. Up here in Canada us less fortunate people that can't afford fancy alcohol drink real beer, or homemade moonshine. Either or
  11. Floyd makes more before breakfast then you do on an entire paycheck. He also has a car worth more that everything you own. He won't go broke within the next 20 years
  12. Also try Light it up - Rev Theory
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NudJffOqC0 Fight very hard
  14. Seriously go kill yourself none of those fit and they aren't funny at all. You are trying to force things and it's not working so go hide in a corner for awhile.
  15. Ryan "The Master" Bader BJ "With a name like that I had to learn how to fight" Penn
  16. Deaflympics is what he went to. Its like the paralympics except for deaf people.
  17. GSP was about as close to going to the olympics as he is moving up to MW. He is too much of a ***** to risk losing. He just wants attention. He never planned on going to the olympics because he knew he would lose and embarrass himself, kinda like why he won't move up to middleweight because he knows that ****ing Jorge Rivera could beat him
  18. GSP is a ****ing ***** and won't move up to MW. If he moved to MW his weight cut would be no different than what it was when he first came to the UFC at WW. He wouldn't be undersized because he is a huge WW. He is just too much of a ***** because he knows Silva, Sonnen, Maia, Pahlares, and even Bisping would kick his ***.
  19. You can't even say he has no right to be critical of GSP's wrestling. He is an olympic wrestler. And even though he is only fighting in Bellator, he is still 8-0 it's not like he is some kind of UFC reject trying to get at GSP.
  20. Kimbo has insane talents too! Pictures don't mean ****.
  21. Hamill won't go for a TD right away he will test the standup waters first. Which will be a bad choice, Rampage first round TKO.
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