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  1. It seemed to me when he fought Leites it was Leites that refused to engage. And he absolutely embarrassed Maia. GSP always says "I is going to knock him out" But what happens? He takes one punch and thinks to himself "Oh god if he hits me again Ill tap like I did against Serra, getting punched hurts too much for my liking". And then proceeds to jab for 25 minutes or lay on a futile opponent in Dan Hardy for 25 minutes. ITS DAN ****ING HARDY HIS STAND UP ISNT EVEN GOOD.
  2. GSP dominated BJ on the ground because he outweighed Penn by 20-30 pounds. Anderson would have the weight advantage if they fought and I feel GSP would be scared to even get in there with Anderson. Which is probably why he keeps ducking him.
  3. No but do you actually think there is a brain surgeon among the idiots here? Or an engineer for that matter?
  4. For 99.9% of the people posting on theses forums, he is rights. I highly doubt most of these people do something important when then spend all day on here.

    GSP retiring?

    I have a feeling that he has a detached retina after the Shields fight. That is the only thing I can see causing loss of vision well causing very little swelling to the eye. If it is a detached retina then this is the end of GSP's career and he will be remembered as a piece of **** that couldn't finish fights and was too scared to move up to middleweight.

    It's almost time

    Its almost time for Jake Shields to beat GSP in original GSP fashion. Lay n Pray. Watch and learn kids, this is how you become the most beloved fighter in MMA, by being a boring fighter. But you win so people love you and say they find your style exciting, but truthfully. Nobody does. Jake Shields wins a 49-46 UD
  7. Someone once got up in my face, I punched him he punched me back I went all Manny Pac on his *** then the cops showed up and we went our seperate ways. True story and actually realistic unlike yours.
  8. Overeem will be the UFC champ if he signs with the UFC.

    Back Mount?

    Just getting back mount isn't a huge deal, but he almost had the RNC at one point that I would score high.
  10. UMCMMA

    Next for Rich Franklin

    I like the Bisping idea, that would be a good test for both fighters.
  11. Great interviews, Michael really shows his true colors too.
  12. He didn't even get rocked. It hit him so had the tough son of a ***** even said ow, but he still wasn't rocked.
  13. He is always that big training. He is fat at his camp he just cuts 50 lbs
  14. In 10 years we will have 'super fighters' if you will. I mean guys with Professional level kickboxing, fast hands, Great wrestling, black belt in BJJ, Judo, Sambo experience and so much more becasue kids are training MMA now instead of karate/tae kwon doe like they did 10-20 years ago. Everyone in MMA will be like GSP (with more balls but you get the memo)
  15. As much as I would love to see them fight, it doesn't make sense for the UFC.
  16. Depends how Shields does in his fight with GSP. If it is a domination by GSP then I would say Condit vs Fitch/Penn. If it is a SD loss for Shields then I would say Shields vs Penn/Fitch.
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