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  1. VS I see Rampage with a HUGE striking advantage, just my opinion though.
  2. My top 5 list Justin Bieber Nelly Lady Gaga Nick Jonas The water Bottle that hit Justin Bieber
  3. Everything he said was right. Fedor didn't just lose, he didn't just get caught, he got DEMOLISHED by a second grade fighter. Yes Big Foot is good. Yes he has skill. But he hasn't proven himself against top competition. Fedor should retire before his legacy gets more blemishes. The guy is the GOAT but needs to realize fighting more will only hurt him.
  4. Anderson has lost since January 2006 and actually has been beat by someone since early 2005. The 06 loss was a dq because he knocked out Okami with an up kick
  5. Fedor doesn't have the agility he used to. Back in his prime you didn't want to take him down because he would sub you from his back. Now it seems like he can't work and offensive subs from his back.
  6. oooh look at Kranga nearly at 8000 posts, no there has to be at least 30 seconds between each post means you have spent a minimum of 66 hours on this site. So over 2 days, congrats.
  7. Have you got a life? Seriously your so addicted to this forum you post at work. Thats why you make minimum wage.
  8. i don't think Rashad dislikes Rampage. i think rampage just dislikes Rashad so much Rashad just wants him to STFU.
  9. Haha and here we have the toughest man on the internet.
  10. Man Brodeur needs to retire. He is getting old and fragile
  11. Yeah your a little girl, I guarantee you will hold this grudge.
  12. Pretty sure you can't studder (lol WTF is studder? its stutter ****) in text. And no i never made up with Kranga your just failing left and right on this forum.
  13. No pretty sure your the only one who fails here.
  14. The Jardine fight and the Forrest fight. he had them rocked and couldn't finish.
  15. Now your starting to make everyone hate you, even me. Leave for about a month and maybe we will forget about it.
  16. I hate Rashad as well, Rampage is probably my favorite fighter. I just don't see him winning this fight. Recently he has had trouble finishing people when they are rocked.
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