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  1. But Rashad is heavier than Hendo. Dan is best at 185 and when at his best weighs about 200lbs before cutting weight. I think Rashad will be able to hold Rampage there. Dan looked for foot sweeps but Rashad looks for double leg takedowns. Which IMO are harder to defend against the cage.
  2. I can picture you not knowing where babies come from.
  3. Then ****ing respond to my comment instead of telling me to GTFO, I want to talk about the subject but you keep swaying from it.
  4. That wasn't me, I wanted to talk about the topic but Kranga was being a ******.
  5. I don't have to, if you don't wanna talk about the OP, then I will just stay here an troll. I don't want to, I want to talk about the fight like I did when i first posted in this thread. Until Kranga came along.
  6. I would like to talk about the topic now actually, I think the second fight will go exactly the same as the first. Rashad via UD.
  7. yeah its us trying to get on topic, its not Kranga ruining it at all. Your the troll here.
  8. Yeah he thinks it means the world to be respected on the internet. He is the kid that gets hung up on the stop signs at the highschool parking lot by his underwear. And its not lie, it does happen just ask Kranga.
  9. Yeah seeing as the great Kranga doesn't have to follow rules why do we right?
  10. You really like fruit juice don't you?
  11. Exactly, I post 3 times trying to get back on topic and what do I get? A picture of a juice box
  12. UMCMMA

    The UFC Is Overrated

    Strikeforce has talent, just not as much as the UFC, there top guys are right in the mix for best in the world. But there middle tier guys aren't that talented.
  13. 5 big pictures per page with my username tagged in them? Pretty hard to do
  14. Going pretty crazy there lol, but seriously he is losing respect everytime he posts
  15. More gifs you waste your life making, and more spam
  16. yeah that makes me wonder how dedicated he really is. I understand gaining some weight during your time off but getting up to 250 he must not work out at all during his time off.
  17. Proving you have the mental maturity of a 11 year old girl. And something else of yours makes you seem like an 11 year old boy
  18. Seriously man could you just stop with this crap.
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