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  1. Another gif that you are wasting your life making.
  2. Obviously Rampage just doesn't like Rashad for some reason. Like when someone just pisses you off, you don't know why but there is just something about them.
  3. I love how Rashad just takes it like a *****.
  4. Coming from the guy posting pictures of the nutrition label of a popular fruit drink.
  5. I was actually posting about the topic, he is just constantly harassing me, report him for spamming.
  6. Get the popcorn, this guy holds grudges longer than teenage girls.
  7. Unfortunately they use corn syrup not maple syrup.
  8. Interesting, what else do you have for me?
  9. yet again showing you have no life keep it coming. But next time could you at least put a woman in the pic shaking like that? Oh wait I forgot your family is proudly gay and frowns upon anyone that leaves the house or looks at girls of any kind, hot, ugly, fat, skinny, real or fake.
  10. Interesting concept you have here. Post lots of gifs and pictures proving you have no life and haven't been outside in years. Do you even know what welch's fruit juice is? Do you even know what fruit juice is? Do you even know what fruit is? lol get out of here you Australian piece of ****.
  11. Are you finished yet? Go get some fresh air, if you know what that is anymore. Or are you scared of the sun?
  12. Do you spend all hours of your day making gifs? Lol get a life man
  13. Cool story bro, we both know your the real moron here. How proud are you that you have people agreeing with you online? Must be pretty proud since you haven't left your house long enough to see another person in the past 6 years.
  14. Its not my fault you don't follow rules that we agreed upon.
  15. Hardy doesn't have anything on Rumble, besides a purple belt in BJJ. But Rumple has much better wrestling and hardy is too stupid to take him down.
  16. Haha Rampage slapped Rashad classic.
  17. Frank dropped Matt Veach with a solid left hook. He has power just never uses it against top competition.
  18. UMCMMA

    who wins

    Kimbo, Sylvia is a bum
  19. UMCMMA

    The UFC Is Overrated

    I agree and disagree with this, Silva was a pride fighter and went 3-2 in pride. Most pride fighters are now old and out of their prime. However look at guys like Mayhem Miller, title contenders in Strikeforce and were cut from the UFC.
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