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  1. He may have fallen down but he was not rocked by Jones.
  2. I agree, he was given a free ride to a championship match. If you look at it, when he lost to MIR via submission, he was given a title shot ahead of MIR against couture. I fail to see how a loss to a top contender propels you ahead of that contender for a title shot.
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    Keith Jardine

    Let's give him his due, he did put together some wins against fighter who were the elite of the division (Griffen, Liddel, Vera). He just suffered one too many knockouts (Alexander, W Silva, T Silva), and now has a soft chin. Liddel suffered the same fate with regards to his chin - Once Rampage tagged him, he has gone downhill every since
  4. I find it suprising that people think he is Dominant. Look at his fights Frank Mir - Loss by submission,Mir was past his prime. Heath Herring - (Gatekeeper) Randy Couture - (Couture is awesome, but he is a LHW not a HW) Frank Mir - past his prime He basically laid on top of Frank because Brock is useless at Jiu Jitsu- not exactly what I would call MMA, just outweighing a guy. When he puts together a title defence and beats some contenders - Carwin, Cane, Dos Santos - Then I will respect him. Until then, he is just winning because he is bigger than his opponent
  5. A decent skill set, every fight that he was in was a stand up fight. The second someone takes him down, we will see if he has any skills. I think he is another Melvin Guillard, quick, can have devastating strikes, but take him down and he becomes a wet noodle.
  6. You all act as though the guy died. Its time for Chuck to move on to the next step in his career. Its time to start coaching fighters on take down defence. Liddel was the best in the business at that
  7. I do beleive though that his elbows in the Lutter fight were illegal. I love how he locks fighters up in a body triangle on the ground. They cant do anything with that body lock.
  8. You are against Burger King and Marlboro, but you are okay with Bud Light? Talk about selective. Seriously, people are in control of what they select to eat, that is the cause of all the problems. Burger King did not force you to eat its Burgers
  9. Name: YoF Inished Chin - Dan Henderson Striking - Anderson Silva Takedown Defense - Chuck Liddel Cardio - Clay Guida Wrestling - Matt Hamill Jiu jitsu - Frank Mir Heart - Forrest Griffen Leg kicks - Cro Cop Muay Thai - Anderson silva Size - Brock lesnar
  10. It is cheating because he was trying to get a point deduction from Daley. The referee did indicate the deduction at first, but luckily he was able to see the replay and he made things right with regards to the point deduction. On the other side, Koscheck was in a risky position trying to get back to his feet and Daley was in a dominant position. By faking the illegal blow, Koscheck was able to get time to breath and recover, Daley was put into a stressful situation (point deduction was indicated) and the fight was restarted with both fighters in equal position and advantage So yes - it is cheating! The UFC should institute a point deduction for faking an illegal blow (replay confirmed of course) just like they deduct points for giving an illegal blow.
  11. I would not say that MMA is not marketed to the masses. The 18-34 male demographic is a major target and if you have tuned into any of the UFC unleashed, fight nights, or ultimate fighter shows, you are bombarded with ads for the upcoming ppv. I have also seen it advertised on bill boards, and in some magazines. Thus, it is marketed to the masses in a particular demographic. Also, every sport claims it has the best fans. Only a small portion of the people who tune into an MMA event actually understand the tactical side of the fighting. Case in point - all the people who ***** and complain when a fight does not end in a submission or a knock out. Its mixed martial arts, not boxing or bare knuckle fighting
  12. Alright UFC - If you want us to look at video clips either hyping fights, or post fight interview. KILL THE 30 SECOND ADVERTISEMENTS BEFORE THE MAIN CLIP. I want to see the Rampage vs Rashad clip, not a 30 second Harley Davidson ad. Its quite simple, cut the ads and I will watch your content, keep the ads and I wont watch your content!
  13. Yeah Machida and silva would be an exciting fight - NOT Two counterstrikers circling each other for 25 minutes waiting for the other one to throw a punch. Did you happen to see Machida and Shogun? that is what you can look forward too
  14. There is no way that Penn will go to Welterweight. Even if he makes it up to being a top contender, he already has two loses to GSP. How can the UFC hype that fight given that BJ has two loses to him. That is like Liddel and Ortiz three - nobody is excited for that fight.
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