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  1. Yea I think I'll scrap Laben, I know he's a brawler but he did beat an undefeated opponent. I sort said to myself that Yoshihiro will most likely submit him, but Yoshihiro hasn't fought in a while and his last performance wasn't that impressive to me, he barely won. Honestly, I'll bet smart and scrap him and bet $20 for $140 payout. This is my first fight bet I don't want to get too greedy even if I'm confident on Brock and Chris. thanks guys!
  2. This is my first time betting for a UFC fight ever. I'm quite nervous and decided to bet small payout big instead of bet BIG payout BIG. I can put $100 and get $4000 but that's insane my adrenaline will be pumping for every fighter in my parlay and it only takes one guy to f**k everything up. I know Chris and Brock won't be a f**k up.
  3. Brock Lesnar -145 Chris Tuchscherer +240 Chris "The Crippler" Leben +165 Krzysztof Soszynski -250 Risk $20 to $406.27 win First of Chris Leben is fresh and has recently fought while Yoshihiro hasn't fought over a year and his last performance wasn't that impressive. I believe Chris will walk out w/ the decision or TKO. Krzysztof Soszynski cut bonnar easily again and get another TKO victory. Chris trains w/ lesnar and I believe he'll beat Brenden very easily like Roy Nelson.. Brock will maul Shane w/ GNP What do you guys think? I originally was thinking about just putting Chris and Brock in the parlay then I decided heck I can make more money than this.
  4. Chris Tuchscherer (18-2) has an upcoming fight w/ TUF 10 contestant Brenden Schaub (5-1), this looks very exciting Brenden trains at Jackson's academy while Chris trains w/ Greg Jackson and Lesnar at Deathclutch camp. I watched the Tim Hague vs Chris fight and felt Chris won the first two rounds, and Tim's camp felt he was behind pts and needed the 3rd to possibly win the match. Tim did beat up Chris in the third but couldn't put him away for victory, however I felt Chris won the first two rounds resulting in majority decision. I know DeathClutch's trainers are working w/ Chris's cardio and wrestling because that's what he'll need against Brenden. Chris has a very excellent endurance to take punishment check out gonzaga and hague and has tremendous heart. We know Brenden is heavy handed but doesn't like to get hit he shown it against Roy Nelson, and if Chris takes down Brenden and uses his weight to pin Brenden then unleashes GnP I believe Chris will be victorious. Chris is at +240 and I'll be placing a parley bet w/ Lesnar for $100 I've confidence Deathclutch will be victorious at July 3rd.. $446 payout!
  5. WTF? Did you watch the fight because I never saw Randy Couture outwrestle Brock, or lifting him in the air (280ib) and slamming him, or BROCK BEING ON HIS BACK. You should rewatch the fight and realize that Randy Couture was outclassed in every aspect including boxing and wrestling. Game plan was to let Couture carry Brock's weight
  6. He also committed a single leg AGAINST the fence and failed. Ask yourself this question 'Why would Carwin commit to a single leg if Mir is already against the fence?' Carwin wasn't a very good liar at his post fight conference but his fanbase will believe every word from him
  7. I love when people's opinions become facts it's amazing the bull$hit that comes out of people's mouth. Carwin's striking: Completely overrated Carwin has slow hand speed and lacks defense but makes it up w/ power. He isn't a technical striker more in the line of a brawler that's looking for the famous KO shot. Brock's striking: Completely underrated he has faster hand speed, precise boxing, power, and very technical striking. He utilize his Mauy Thai capability too. Standup outcome: 1 hit ko < Speed+precise boxing+power. Brock will fight the smarter fight don't expect the fight to be a standing but if it does I believe Brock's striking will overwhelm Carwin's boxing w/ speed, precision striking, power and foot work. Ground game: Brock trains w/ 300ib+ Div 1 wrestlers at a daily bases at his gym. Who does Carwin trains with you may ask? Willie Parker and Ron Watterman to emulate Brock Lesnar - LOL! Remember Gonzaga took Carwin down and Carwin couldn't take Mir down. Carwin will have to deal w/ 15-20ib weight on top of him, and Carwin has never had anyone maul on him inside the octagon. The ground game clearly goes to Brock unless you're delusional. Carwin only has a poucher's chance!!
  8. I need the clip, it's the most important part for my masterpiece.
  9. yea well I can't watch it because it's stuck on 99.8% haha eventually it'll be finish ah I hate this type of trackers = /
  10. I also looked at ufc 84 because I think that's when he talked about his samurai blood.. I'll still check 94..
  11. Yea I looked at ufc 104 & 98 I've to check 94 w/ silva thanks
  12. I wouldn't accept the match if I was JDS
  13. Which countdown does Lyoto Machida quote "My father always told me: Lyoto you have samurai blood, you must fight!" talks about this? I'm trying to find it desperately please help thank you!
  14. EmperorFedor

    Daleys Response

    Koscheck broke 29 too haha
  15. It's funny to make fun of another state or country team. My point was that if somebody either than Brock says stupid antics and tells the crowd to '**** off' nobody will care but if Brock says it then hell will break loose. The reason why Carwin got a title shot was because he talked smack about Brock's antic.. Here's a video of a guy making fun of a state's team
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