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  1. This is how i see this season going: Dexter will intially suppress his dark passenger like he does at the start of every season until danger comes knocking at his door again. Deb by babysitting dexter will only grow closer to him and end up having sex with him by the end of this season. The black lieutenant lady looking for bay harbor butcher will mistakenly think its debra morgan not dexter. The sneaky intern guy will find out dexter's secret and will be the final boss putting debra and dexter's son in danger in the final episodes. This guy will end up killing the babysitter for sure as his first kill and will blackmail dexter. Miranda lawson from mass effect will have sex with dexter and end up getting killed in this season by that new bad boss guy who stabbed the guy with a screwdiver, I think this will happen because a love triangle between dexter and debra and miranda must be broken. As for the new boss guy i think hes actually less of a threat than the geeky intern who will learn dexter's secret.
  2. Lol all the time he had for his management to procure an excuse and looks like this antiinflammatory drug is the best they got.
  3. I did not waste any money on this pay per view. Why would you go see a movie you already know the outcome to? I mean a grudge match and you guys are surprised it went 5 rounds. Rashad was never gonna win and neither is dan henderson. Im not a big enough jon jones fan to pay to watch him dominate a smaller opponent.
  4. WWE fans at mma Q and As well isnt that just awesome.
  5. I dont think people who stay at home on friday night would even waste their time on this rubbish. I bet dance moms get more viewers than TUF 15. Forget the live format just get rid of the show altogether and make a different mma reality show. Even tuf brasil is boring.
  6. What is DoctorObviously's definition of a true mma fan. I always thought hating and criticizing were part of being a fan.
  7. John Q the greatest criminal that ever lived
  8. Are you crazy. Rashad always has Jones number in the trash talking department. Jones always goes into an awkward butthurt mode when harassed. Btw jon anik was terrible in that interview. I never thought i would think someone is actually more annoying than goldberg.
  9. 2 things surprised me in that video. 1)Alistair overeem when asked what are his advantages over dos santos he said "Im bigger and stronger..." and then he talked like he was confident that the fight was gonna happen 2)Mir when asked if overeem should not be allowed to fight dos santos because of the positive test Mir says: "Innocent until proven guilty and overeem should be given a chance to answer" --- sounded like frank mir was covering his bases for future drug tests.
  10. Im gonna watch it now and apparently frank mir is on the show too cant wait to see this! http://www.fightvideomma.com/2012/04/mma-uncensored-live-04-12-2012-video.html
  11. I came into this thread expecting the OP to paste the twitter messages. I mean cmon OP do you think all of us following their twitter beef give some tweets or end thread.
  12. I dont think OP cares about the answer and just wanted to start a fanboy thread for no reason.
  13. Are we talking about cartoon **** or what the japanese called hentai or you think wonderwoman is cute.
  14. Reason TUF = bad reality tv show I honestly think waiting 40 mins of footage every episode showing cardio workouts and sparring and some sleeping, sitting before a fight is the main problem. I think they should change the show to focus on the fighter`s personal lives more including family friends.They should show them preparing for their fights in their natural environments and gyms before being transported for the fight. This option would be so expensive to film each fighter in their respective environments like a primetime. The second option just cancel the show altogether. I honestly believe media interviews make me support or get to know a fighter than watching them do cardio and sit around on the show. Replace TUF with a reality show that shows the everyday lives of members of famous campd like Blackzillians or greg jacksons. Or follow famous fighters.
  15. I can understand tyrion. But what is your fascination with jon snow. Does he play the role of prince charming in your dreams to rescue you from the winter zombies I personally find jon snow one of the most annoying characters perhaps equal to joffrey.
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