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  1. Fearmstra

    How do i find??

    How do i find the ufc fantasty ?? Ive used it before but cant seem to find it on the page
  2. the worst for me is when i watch the fight with my friends for 2 hours and they leave before the main event. Or during the silva/sonnen fight i bought with 2 other friends, proceeded to leave during the middle of the fight!
  3. how much of a shot does crocop really have in beating mir. I know that it is mma and anything can happen, i just think that mir has been competing at a higher level as of late and people may be pulling for crocop way more just because hes a fan favorite..
  4. come on jardine step ur ****ing game up i mean how really how bad has he become
  5. agreed now that they have already fought i think silva will have a very good fight plan coming into the cage. And if chael comes out like he did he first time trying to put the pressure on him he might get ktfo, though it did work for him the 1st time around
  6. Fearmstra

    Matt Hughes

    yea yea i see what u mean but you never know its mma and in my opinion anyone can beat anyone though i dont think any of the above mentioned will beat gsp. Hughes stands a lot better chance against anyone besides gsp
  7. Fearmstra

    Matt Hughes

    If hughes wins this fight which i think he has a very good chance of doing, how much closer does that put him to another title shot? I dont consider BJ Penn a true welterweight imo i think hes gonna get steam rolled by hughes. And if hughes does win how much of a chance does he stand against a GSP/Koschek/Shields/Fitch.?
  8. Fearmstra

    Rashad Evans

    just saying it but maybe a Evans vs. Couture interim belt haha
  9. Fearmstra

    Rashad Evans

    Is rashad a little ***** for sitting on the sidelines untill his fight with shogun goes down. Or is he smart in not risking losing his shot to get the belt back?
  10. Fearmstra

    Big Name Fighters

    Would it make sense to not have the big name fighters who run the risk of retirement or being cut not fight each other in the case that if either loses they will not draw as much money to the PPVs and events later in their carreer? Example being the Liddell vs. Franklin. Or seeing a Forrest vs. Couture ect..
  11. i guess my question was as dum as i thought it was glad to know
  12. May be dum but what is the difference between the junior members and senior members in this forum and how do you become either or. Ive followed the forum for a while though I really dont post much nor reply to many things
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