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  1. I don't see too many fighters getting worse unless they are in the twilight of their career. So this is a hard list to make. Good thread though.
  2. Maybe Velasquez will do better in the rematch. I don't believe Overreem will beat JDS. Lesnar is not that good and made Overreem look better than he is.
  3. Diaz! And I don't care which one.
  4. Velasquez via UD. Mir struggles against wrestlers.
  5. Belcher will win this one. He si very underrated. He will fend off Palharres on the ground and pick him apart on the feet. Belcher will be a #1 contender very soon in the MW division. Palharres is too much of a head case to be a threat to top contenders.
  6. My first ever favorite fighter was Matt Hughes!
  7. I understand Kos's anger but to play devil's advocate, what if Mendez is right. If these guys had game plans that were agreed upon and then they get in the ring and don't follow, it's not Mendez's fault. He did his job and was under the understanding that this particular plan was the best way to win the fight. Then they go out and completely deviate from the game plan and lose, what the hell. I'd be pissed and delfect the blame if it were me too. I'm just saying IF. There are always to sides to the story. I doubt Kos's game plan when he goes into fights is to fidget with his shorts for 3 or 5 rounds, never throw a jab and wait until he is getting his *** kicked to finally shoot for a takedown. If I were Mendez I would be furious, because I'm sure that's not what they practice in the gym. I'm sure the game plan for Cain was to take JDS down. And ????????????? Look what happend. He tried to stand and bang and got taken out. There has got to be a level of frustration on the part of these trainers when they put tons of time and hours scheming a plan together only to see it completely abandoned. That's why Jackson's camp has so much sucess. Because his students actually follow the game plans that were devised specifically for them. I'm a big fan of Kos but I thought he looked terrible against Pierce and I'm sure that was not the fight they trained for in camp for months. Don't know what else to say.
  8. I agree. As a Kos fan someone should tell him to throw jabs instead of fingers! The worst I've ever seen Kos look!
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