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  1. sorry, I forgot how advanced discussions are here.......
  2. Silva uses his length too. Jones will have an advantage there. Silva's precision in striking is unmatched but if Jones was smart the fight would go to the ground quick just like against Vitor.
  3. Unless there really was an injury in training preventing him from being explosive (aside from the used energy on the attempted submission) it was a terrible game plan. You are not going to win with Jones anywhere other than right in his face especially with finishing ability like Vitor has. So what if it is low percentage better percentage than what he attempted.
  4. NickTF

    Cut Maia TONIGHT!!!!

    Too many suspect cardio showings from Maia. Guy is a talent but watching him gas like that so many times is not acceptable if the UFC wants to keep interest in its fights.
  5. Maia's cardio sucks bad. I know Weidman gassed but atleast he was on short notice how many fights now have we seen Maia gas?
  6. Athleticism and intelligence don' necessarily go together.
  7. NickTF

    Cigano vs Reem.

    1. Almost always fighters coming out of other organizations disappoint me; 2) Lesnar was so sad in that fight i'm not ready to jump to any conclusions there other than Reem hits hard which everyone knew. Team Cigano. Jr. finds Reem's chin and finds it enough times to cause a TKO
  8. In short very good discussion here and I agree. I would further say I'm not ready to jump on the Overeem train until I see him face Jr. which may be a bit unfair given his previous accomploishments but generally speaking i'm almost never impressed by people coming from other organizations to the UFC. The Lesnar victory has not that impressive to me given how quick Brock folded. Oh well.
  9. There was no confidence displayed by Lesnar whasoever in that fight. Even his leg kick was thrown in fear. I'm glad he retired it was the best for him and his fans.
  10. Reem/JDS but Sonnen/Silva a very close second.
  11. With all the speculation after the dominant performance Reem put on lets get the questions answered right away so I say yes, give it to him. I think Cain should get the next shot. I was bigger on Mir before he looked so bad on his feet against Nog.
  12. He didn't have any confidence whatsoever in his ability to take Overeem down. After the first 25 seconds it didn't matter what he tried with the lack of confidence he had.
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