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  1. SrH420x

    boxing vs mma

    They are the two most popular combat sports. In addition, Floyd Mayweather recently made a statement that MMA does not take as much talent as boxing, which is a rediculous statement.
  2. I think hes a great fighter. I just dont like it when fighters constantly go for takedowns and do no damage when they get the takedown, as Evans did in the Silva fight. He dangerous in all aspects of fighting. Great wrestling, BJJ Black Belt, and dangerous striking.
  3. Think this is a very intriguing match-up because they are both well-rounded, but JDS has a clear stand-up advantage, and trains with Nog so he has to have ground skills and I think he'll win. However, I wouldnt be too suprised if Gonzaga wins because hes shown hes dangerous standing up , and has great BJJ.
  4. I think Silva will win based on his size and dynamic striking. It will prob be close though, most likely a decision IMO, but I can see Silva finishing it. If it does happen lets hope that GSP doesnt just take Silva down 50 times in 25 minutes.
  5. Horse**** decision. Diaz won, hands down.
  6. Agreed. Fire all of them, except the one that actually got it right saying 29-28 Diaz. Heres how I broke it down and why: Round 1: 10-9 Diaz - Aggressiveness. Round 2: 10-9 Maynard - Decent counters and more strikes landed. Round 3: 10-9 Diaz - More strikes landed. It was close, but by no means did Maynard win.
  7. That would be a death sentence for him. First of all, by no means did he win that fight tonight with Diaz. It was real close, but, he was not as aggressive and did not land as many shots as Diaz did, when he was supposed to be a superior striker. Secondly, Penn is a whole different monster. He completely dominated all of the top contenders that he has faced. I think Diaz would have a better chance.
  8. SrH420x


    I agree... It was close, but Diaz should have won just based on aggressiveness and number of strikes landed. Both fighters hardly did anything, but theres no way Maynard won that. The judging in this event was terrible from the Lawlor fight to this one. Did one of the judges seriously score that 30-27 Maynard. MMA judges need to just quit life.
  9. I like him. Hes got great well rounded talent and I think all the trash talk is funny. He can def back it up and he is always game and can take a punch. Hes really entertaining to me.
  10. So apparently octagon control and takedowns account for most of the points awarded by judges. This is ********. Recently there has been many questionable decisions where one fighter completely dominated all stand-up and inflicted way more damage, and still loses. The other fighter always gets takedowns or clinches for his dear life (ex. Couture) in order to avoid getting KTFO. I do not trust the judges of MMA at all. I think any regular MMA fan could come in and do a better job than these stupid ****ers. The judging scale needs to be completely changed. Damage done should be 50% of the scoring, hands down.
  11. Lesnar's ***** **** and Mir
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