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  1. This is gayer than Freddie Mercury and he used to like arseholes.
  2. Generations of hopping the border?
  3. Boetsch got TKO'ed in the 3rd. No need to pretend. This^
  4. Seconded! I actually reckon that would be a great fight. Mr Cardio vs The Chin. Brown Pride vs Filthy Homeless Man. Technique vs Power. Cain via Athleticism.
  5. Anik is about as useful as a nuns ****. If it were up to me he wouldn't commentate again. Goldie is an idiot, but if you learn to not take anything he takes serious he is a right laugh.
  6. Either Cain waits for Overeem or they put the big fat fatty in there.
  7. Yes and still do. Overeem is nothing without his trusty roids.
  8. JR40

    Fighter Picks League 4

    1) amunera - 33points (12dif) 2) JR40 - 28points (12dif) 3) superduperduducud 27points (13dif) 4) Pessimist_Pete - 26points (11dif) 5) wanderleisilva101 - 26points (8dif) 6) GstarUK - 24points (4dif) 7) the_enigma - 22points (5dif) 8) i_run_this - 21points (3dif) 9) PATSTER - 21points 10) JonesyUK - 19points (7dif) 11) Yesterdays_Hero - 19points (6dif) 12) BruteDion - 19points (3dif) 13) chanman20 - 17points (-18dif) 14) MIRKO_CRO_COP - 16oints (-6dif) 15) rodrodMMA92 - 16points (-10dif)
  9. JR40

    Fighter Picks League 4

    JR40 4 vs 3 PATSTER the_enigma 4 vs 5 amunera wanderleisilva101 5 vs 5 rodrodMMA92 Pessimist_Pete N/A vs N/A BruteDion (0points to both) chanman20 4 vs 6 Yesterdays_Hero JonesyUK 7 vs 4 MIRKO_CRO_COP GstarUK 4 vs 7 Superduperduducud i_run_this 6 vs 6 BYE MIRKO was the only one to pick Cain, shame on everyone else.
  10. Agreed. I may even go as far to say it was an absolute bumming.
  11. Boetsch is **** house. Other than his comeback KO against Okami (which I will give him credit for) he has just been gifted decisions at MW. Hopefully Costa literally knocks him out of contention.
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