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  1. http://mmajunkie.com/news/27318/champ-carlos-condit-on-ufc-143-win-in-battles-you-want-to-pick-the-battleground.mma smart
  2. Rory by UD, Similar to The Nate Diaz fight, but with less german suplexess
  3. Please tell me how he didn't fight smart. He avoided a brawl which most opponents didn't do. Fought smart, knew he would of lost the brawl. but won the technical battle. BLEE DAT
  4. He fights wreckless. Condit fights smart. See what happens when wreckless fights smart? Wreckless walks away with the loss, and a bashed up face. Not bad for a runner don't you think?
  5. Please sir, what happend about 3 mins after that?
  6. You know what happens when you taunt Condit? You get outstruck and outclassed. Beat Diaz at his "own game"
  7. I think it's aired on spike
  8. I agree with you, that was insane and by far the best IMO
  9. haha Randy "The Fossil" Couture, thats some of the funniest **** ever
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