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  1. GSP doesn't stall he just doesn't finish and he outstruck Condit anyways minus the kick to the head. Diaz is fighting in a sport that doesn't exist, where only boxing and BJJ are allowed. Unfortunately he's going to learn yet again why it's important to be a MMA fighter in the cage. outstriking someone =/= wrestling + stalling + throwing more strikes something you GSP fans must get in your head. Um ... besides the fact that thats not what he meant ... your example is still an example of someobody being out struck ... either way gsp beat condit in ever aspect of that fight ... and im pretty sure after round 1 condit wouldnt have called the gnp that messed his face up "stalling"
  2. enough with the myth of diaz boxing. his boxing is terrible, and any top level boxing goach would agree. He is flat footed, has no movement, and throws from his elbows. People only think its good because 1) they believe everything thats said while promoting a fight and 2) he has been successful because people cant handle his pressure. He has an entertaining style, and thats great, but his boxing is worse then soooooooooo many other fighters its astounding.
  3. he might gain the respect of some fans .. or atleast not lose it like he is now.. instead he has alienated himself even further with the fans .. and now with other fighters .... there is plenty of blame to go around .. hendo no sayin somethign sooner .. white for building a ****** card .. but the fact is that is that the largest chunk falls on jones shoulders .. he had the chance to save the card and chose instead not to .. I was and am a fan of jones ... but i lost a ton of respect for the guy after this
  4. grab a pair of gloves and join the ufc.. cuz they are terrible
  5. if you think this is bad... vegas fans actually were yelling at people to sit down during forrest vs tito and silva vs sonnen ... are you out of your ****ing mind? how can you possibly be sitting for that ****
  6. the picture is from early july .. its at one of the ufc pool parties for ufc 148.. I was there .. he didnt seem fat in person .. just short lol
  7. supposedly he had a pretty bad injury going into the fight .. not one for excuses .. but that wasnt a normal kongo out there ... i expected a much better performance from jordan though...
  8. judging by the snipits of training video ive seen .. gsp seems to lay a beatdown on nate in training .. obviously its just training ... but the video ive seen has looked pretty dramatically one sided .. big fan of both .. doubt the fight would ever happen ... but id love to watch it
  9. Fan of both guys, but i dont see the outcome being any dif .. just might take a bit longer lol
  10. ok thanks for letting me know its a waste of time trying to educate you... remain ignorant if you want .. i hear its bliss
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