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  1. Man all you guys bad mouthing the OP are literally gay. the dude made a thread about his opinion on lets face it a pretty stacked division. no need to let your balls fill up with testosterone and get all argumentative saying "frank mir/brock... shouldnt be elite...etc etc" Who gives a fook?? you clearly missed the focus of the thread. it wasnt about categorizing fighters, it was just showing the talent pool in the HW division which is clearly stacked as high as an americans pancakes! if you disagree you should read my sig - it's about you!
  2. LW - BJ Penn WW - GSP MW - Anderson Silva LHW - Lyota Machida HW - Brock Lesnar or Herb Dean
  3. i use william hill but i think there are better ones
  4. This!! Nothing grinds my gears more than my news feed reading 'some knob head became a fan of something pointless, and 15 other profiles' Fooks me right off!!
  5. In other words, would we like to see a more competitive heavyweight division where the belt will change hands more often? Dont get me wrong, fedor's a legend but fighters like velasquez, mir etc have a stronger chance against feder than brock. purely because of style
  6. Andre Winner could be up there....somewhere?
  7. the display pic is not a 'soccer player' - its a football player (Jermaine Beckford). And why is that a problem? the only problem i have is that he's a leeds fan. but that shouldnt matter to you cos you sem like a stupid yank with no clue. Winston by omaplata!
  8. + 1000 i shouldnt really be replying as this thread has already been created about 10 times. it confuses me when people critisise gsp's stand up. the serra tko was a long time ago. gsp's stand up is brilliant, he outclassed alves on the feet. and anyone who doesnt look forward to a gsp fight or think he's boring, quite frankly is clueless about everything,
  9. I have recently been training BJJ with a world class practitioner in the UK called Les Allen. He was the first guy from the UK to compete in Pancrase. Anyway, although I am a black belt in Wado Ryu Karate I am a beginner at Ju Jitsu. The story goes, i arrived early for training where some of the higher grades were sparring. i was asked to join in if i wanted so thought i may as well. Whilst sparring with les, he put a wicked arm bar on my right arm from guard. I obviously tapped. However i did think 'damn that hurt' good job i tapped when i did. then it was his turn to pass my guard. he ended up isolating my left arm. i struggled for a bit, then BANG!! an unbelievably loud popping sound. i looked up at him and he had an un-nerving look on his face. i looked to my left and my arm had been completely snapped at the humerus. it was lifeless just on the mat. the pain was excruciating as you may see from the photo (if uploaded correctly) i guess the lesson is, when u feel u have no more control over your arm/leg whatever, you sure as hell better tap. it can happen so quickly. now i cant train for a few months which im gutted about. Anyone any advice? or any other mma/karate/ju jitsu/wrestling etc injury stories? (also i apologise for the grammar. typing with one hand is hard ha)
  10. BJ Nate Diaz FEDOR (like the guy but would love to see if its possible)
  11. My point was that someone had edited it earlier to say Bl0w J0b Penn vs Frankie Head Giver which I thought was quite funny.
  12. Just had a look at Wikipedia to see the line up for UFC 112. Noticed it stated there was a bout between Bl0w J0b Penn and Frankie Head Giver. Haha genius
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