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  1. math2tor

    Jason MacDonald

    Jason MacDonald formally retired from MMA today. http://topmmanews.com/2013/02/28/jason-macdonald-retires-from-mma/
  2. I got Dos Santos by KO in 2, Belcher avenges his loss, Miller tops Lauzon, and Leben will get the Loss. How about you? Here is a detailed breakdown of the main card: http://topmmanews.com/2012/12/27/top-mma-news-breaks-down-ufc-155-dos-santos-vs-velasquez-ii/
  3. Never noticed the fence grab before you mentioned it.
  4. Great card. Can't get enough Shinya and Bibi.
  5. Pretty crazy sub from Calgary, Alberta by Wolfgang Janssen. http://topmmanews.com/2012/12/16/wolfgang-janssen-flying-reverse-triangle-sub-from-havoc-fc/
  6. Great card. Can't wait Diaz by sub Rory by Decision Swick by Swickotine Gustaffson by Decision I broke down the fights here: http://topmmanews.com/2012/12/05/top-mma-news-breaks-down-ufc-on-fox-5-henderson-vs-diaz/
  7. That was a nasty KO. Still..Pierson has managed to carve out a 3-2 record in the UFC.
  8. UFC Welterweight is a total game geek. Finished 1st in a tournament in Toronto and third in a Canada Wonderland tourney. Lots of XBOX geek speak in this interview: http://topmmanews.com/2012/12/03/top-mma-news-catches-up-with-sean-pierson/
  9. Card starts in 10 minutes. 7:30 eastern time.
  10. Legit stream in partnership with the Score.
  11. Score Fighting Series in on tonight with some great fights. You can watch it all online for free at Top MMA News. http://topmmanews.com/2012/11/23/watch-the-score-fighting-series-live-today-on-top-mma-news Here is the main card (prelims will be online as well): 170lbs- Jordan Mein (25-8) vs. Forrest Petz (25-9) 155lbs- Jesse Ronson (11-2) vs. Ryan Healy (23-11) 145lbs- William Romero (9-3) vs. Tristan Johnson (7-3) 155lbs- Alex Ricci (5-1) vs. Kevin Morin (6-4) 155lbs- Jason Saggo (7-1) vs. Iraj Hadin (6-4) 170lbs- Ryan ****son (4-0) vs. Brandt Dewsbery (10-1) 185lbs- Elias Theodorou (5-0) vs. Ali Mokdad (6-2) /
  12. math2tor

    Nick Denis Retires

    10/10 not worth long term brain damage.
  13. math2tor

    Nick Denis Retires

    TWO SICK KOs! Check out his KO of Nick Mamalis.
  14. math2tor

    Nick Denis Retires

    Nick Denis announces retirement due to long term health concerns of blows to the head http://topmmanews.com/2012/11/22/nick-denis-ninja-of-love-blog-and-then-what-happened/
  15. Arianny Celeste first song and music video: http://topmmanews.com/forum/all-the-rest/arianny-celeste-music-video/#p4422
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