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  1. Glad to see Diego seeing the light https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2021/05/diego-sanchez-joshua-fabia-professional-relationship-over
  2. Lol you understand tagalog now?
  3. Cant see sigs anymore came back last night and the forum got revamped
  4. Lol that vid provided us laughs and improved camraderie with the posters. I remember that most us were in our late teens early 20s when we were active here seXXXpac, chanman, shuby, storm22 and some more are my FB friends from what ive seen life started to happen and we just had better things to do
  5. The forum didnt have this "like" "react" when I was active
  6. Lol y'all still at it with the GSP bashing huh notsobright is still takes that spot imo.
  7. It got some laughs even added some for old times sake 🤣
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