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  1. He is a badass. 1 more impressive win n the title shot is his x
  2. Countries To Have Hosted A UFC Event: USA Canada UK Japan Australia Brazil Germany Ireland UAE Puerto Rico Sweden (as of April 2012) Any talk of any new countries hosting a UFC event? If not then just your opinions please :confused: x
  3. I agree Mitrione won the first 2 rounds but having said that they were soo close especially the 1st and the 3rd could easily have been 10-8 Kongo with Meathead just lying there so could have gone either way but i'm with you 29-28 Mittrione
  4. Or Hendo if he beats Rua n drops down to 185?
  5. Only two participants of the Ultimate Fighter have ever WON the title, who is most likely to make it number three? Here are the candiates based on how close they are to a title shot: HOT Rashad Evans WARM Chris Leben Diego Sanchez Melvin Guillard Michael Bisping Joe Lauzon Matt Mitrione COLD Forrest Griffin Josh Koscheck Manvel Gamburyan Nate Diaz Gray Maynard Ross Pearson Roy Nelson Nam Phan FREEZING Kenny Florian Amir Sadollah G-Sot Ryan Bader Brendan Schaub I think out off all the options Rashad Evans and Josh Koscheck (at Middleweight) could be next to earn a title shot IMO. Agree or disagree i want to hear your opinions...
  6. Who would Anderson fight though if Chael vs Palhares were to happen? There's no other marketable/sensible match up right now for the title than Silva vs Sonnen II. I do agree with your points however x
  7. HW: Over-rated: Struve Under-rated: Barry LHW: Over-rated: Hammill Under-rated: Vera MW: Over-rated: Stann Under-rated: Palhares WW Over-rated: Kampmann/Swick Under-rated: Thiago LW: Over-rated: Sotoropolous Under-Rated: Oliveira
  8. JuJitzWho

    Josh Koscheck

    Who should Kos fight next? Not heard anything since he lost 2 GSP, just wanted to know your opinions on a decent return match up for him.... Im thinkin the UFC will give him Kampmann/Ebersole or Pyle
  9. Suggestions? Gotta think of fighters who aren't already lined up for fights or are currently injured. Griffin vs Jones is just 1 of the top of my head but doubt that will happen... x
  10. JuJitzWho


    Hahaha. UFCGOD1 knows nothin about MMA and should be never seen on these forums again. Fact.
  11. A lightweight non-title fight as a main event? I mean think about it, every division has had a main event match up that wasnt for a title but i am sure there hasnt been 1 for 155lbs (not including fight nights + TUF Finales cos lets face it, they dont count). Heres what i mean: Heavyweight: Velasques vs Big Nog (UFC 110) Light-Heavyweight: Liddell vs Evans (UFC 88) Middleweight: Bisping vs Leben (UFC 89) Welterweight: Hughes vs Alves (UFC 85) Lightweight: None Also, is there actualli any fights out there in LW (or WW/MW for that matter) that could main event a card without the title being on the line.? x
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