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  1. Been a fan of gsp for a while. After the fight I felt like his reign was finally over and would have been totally fine with the decision if hendricks won. Pretty much knew they were going to give it to GSP anyway lol. Need to re watch the fight because I thought GSP definitely lost 2 and 4 but am drawing a blank for 1 and 5 lol.
  2. Hendricks body is just shorter and stockier his legs are longer and stronger then his upper body, That and his height and lower center of gravity vs st pierre and most other fighters is why he is able to out muscle people in the clinch.
  3. wow terrible not sure if you lost your touch or if you're just one of the awesome mods and tookover AK's account to try and be cool and write troll posts.....
  4. First of all let me start by saying that whoever switched the forum to this BS where you have sign in by email is an idiot and had me locked out because i had no idea what email I used to sign up for this garbage forum way back when. Second of all I've always knew the MW division was weak and not worthy of GOAT status when all the fighters are cans. The only guys who were deemed actual legit fighters were Sonnen, Okami, Hendo and they were still a lesser tier then the St pierres, Edgars, Bones Jones', etc of the well roundedness we see today in MMA Anderson would lose to Weidman 10/10, Jones 10/10 and any legit wrestler with striking 10/10. He only wins vs guys who are one dimensional and smaller then him . He fought cans for years and finally a legit threat comes up and knocks him clean out. Anderson knew he was defeated before he stepped in the octagon hence why everyone thought it was fixed but the reality is that anderson didn't try because it wouldn't have made a difference. Now GSP is rightfully so #1 P4P in the world and only Jon bones will eventually surprass his greatness. Weidman is good but not p4p. He will now have fun destroying cans in the MW division.
  5. joethegiggolo is correct. it is not hard to say ouch it hurts and receive cautionary treatment. if anything it was when the ref kneed him in the head while pushing alcantara off lol
  6. I really don't see him beating Machida. Machida is to quick and uses his kicks very well against shorter opponents. He also could probably take hendo down and tire him out. Hendo needs to land that punch otherwise I really don't see him beating Machida.
  7. fighters in the main events are compensated accordingly. She will get more then 12/12
  8. for those of you who dont know, tyson fury is famous not only for being undefeated, but also for punching himself in the face in a match a real terror hahaha yeah that's what I thought. I was like Fury? didn't this guy punch himself in the face and become famous?
  9. it looked to me like jds was seriously fatigued. when you are fatigued the muscle surrounding and near the shoulder usually feel the effects really bad and it becomes quite the strain to hold them up even with how in shape those guys are. fatigue also wears down people mentally and it just becomes harder and harder to recover.
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