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  1. Quite enjoyed this episode, think its reignited my love for TUF after a few p!$$ poor seasons. G.Sot must be on a different planet though, other than 1 take down (which wasnt followed by any significant strikes) his guy was being totally outclassed. Fair play to the Aussie guy with the weird eyes though he stayed composed and took his chance!
  2. You guys have been amazing, thanks a lot for your responses.... still in need of another 30 or so responses though so if you havent yet filled it out then I would be very thankful if you could please just take a minute of your time to do so!
  3. Got almost 50 responses yesterday, thanks a lot to those of you who spared me a minute of your time! I'm still in need of some more responses though as I'm aiming for 100+ to help build a clear picture so anyone yet to take part it would be much appreciated if you could spare a minute of your time. Many thanks
  4. Had a good response so far and a big thanks to all of you who have taken the survey! In need of as many respondants as possible so if you havent done so yet then your help would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I'm currently writing a dissertation on the use of social media as a promotional tool in MMA. Please could you all just spend 1 minute (thats all it will take) to fill out this questionnaire as part of my research: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFRKLVgwbml2TjVjZFU3c0NHWTdBd3c6MQ Many thanks
  6. Give it 12-24 months and Daley will be back for sure, he'll want to come back and prove a point and if he can keep up his momentum with 3 big wins so far post UFC then it'll soon be hard for Dana and co to ignore him any longer.
  7. I thought Dana said Bisping would be fighting a top 5 guy next? This fight would be entertaining for sure but dont know if Bisping will be able to get the title shot he deserves by beating Rivera.
  8. I was at 120 and this fight was just insane probably the biggest cheer of the night when he choked out that Brazilian fella (who actually looked like a dangerous fighter), this guy is like a next generation Al Turk........ WAR BROUGHTON!!!
  9. Im pretty sure Aldo could step up and be champ at 155lb, the guy is ridiculously good but I think the UFC needs him to stay att 145lb for at least 4 or 5 fights to help establish the weight class for the new audience.
  10. Akiyama never really tried to grab Bisping anyway instead he just tried to stand there and trade blows, couldnt be arsed to look up the article but just dont see what difference it would have made to the fight even if Bisping was greased.
  11. Seems people love to lay into the British guys but one defeat dosent mean an awful lot in this sport. Hathaway was always up against it against the way more experienced and totally underrated Mike Pyle, his toughness did impress me however and he'll learn a lot from this one and Im sure in a couple of years time this guy will be in the title mix. Hardy was fighting another top 10 WW and quite simply got caught the KO as impressive as it was only miliseconds from being the other way around, Hardy will still be a top 10 fighter for a good while yet although I doubt whether he'll ever wear the belt. Bisping is one tough dude and other than 'that' punch from Hendo has consistently risen to the challenge and if the decisions that should have gone his way during the Rashad and Wandy fights he would have already had his title shot by now. Time seems to be against him but if he can get a win against a credible opponent next time out Im sure he'll get his chance at the belt. As for the others Pearson, Winner, Etim, Kelly and Taylor will always put on a good show for the fans although I dont ever really see any of them challenging the upper echelons anytime soon. Paul Sass could be a one to watch though, he was pretty impressive on his debut so it'll be interesting to see where he is in a year or two.
  12. LMAO.... you talking about the same Paul Taylor? The same guy who was WPKC world kickboxing champ before he switched to MMA? The guy who sent a dvd of his kickboxing bouts to Dana and was immediately signed up? Surely not!!
  13. I got 'Fight of the year' whoever wins!!
  14. Got an email from ticketmaster today it states doors open at 1630, first fight 1720
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