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  1. I think that would be a real test for Adesanya, but I said the same thing about him when he fought Brad Tavares. If this fights happens I got Israel winning via unanimous decision.
  2. I admit Anderson Silva is really one spectacular fighter, He continues to prove us who doubt him wrong and then we start to make excuses. I honestly believe he'll retire with that belt. With that being said I still think Shogun would devestate him, Also i don't think of him as best P4P. That goes to BJ Penn if you ask me.
  3. I mean seriously that game is great. Post your opinions, likes, and dislikes here.
  4. I've seen threads like this on other forums and they seemed very good. Post some freestyles that you come up with on your own on here. To make is interesting try and put the lyrics on here also with an instrumental on a song and see how good they are. We could possibly have some lyrical geniuses on this forum and we wouldn't know. I hope to see a few good ones on here. Reminder: Not all freestyles have to be disses, disses are good sometimes but it's better to rap about other stuff. Have fun.
  5. I'm bored as usual and i want to watch a movie. I'm more into comedies but I'll watch others. Please suggest some. *EDIT* I can rent basically any movie in the world some put some up.
  6. Where i live the Bisping fight is just now coming on. Has it already happened in real time?
  7. It's late here and I'm bored. Anyone know where i can watch movies for free on my computer? I'd rather not download but if i need to i will. Any help?
  8. Chopped and Screwed, Anyone know what i mean or know of any that sound good like that? If so please list some.
  9. Wiz Khalifa: Or Lil Wayne: Vote now.
  10. All fights were great and exciting to watch, All the fighters fought like hell to. I was very pleased with this card.
  11. I think it's crazy how the bear knows he can get the leverage to throw the other bear by placing his foot and tossing him. Again this is probably me just being a geek but i think it's amazing.
  12. How to i burn music onto a disk if my bottom disk drive is broken. I try to put disks in there but it doesn't not recognize them. Is there a way to do it using the top? Thanks in advance.
  13. Just like many have said after Silva/Sonnen "Silva wasn't the same fighter he just didn't seem to want it to bad." I've noticed a lot of people saying "BJ wasn't the same fighter he didn't seem like he wanted it." This is dumb no matter how good or bad a fighter does they are always going to be the same fighter they just sometimes get out fought and out classed. If they don't want to train to win the fight then they should've never signed to fight. Discuss.
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