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  1. GSP fan.. I was pretty hammered, but Im pretty sure he lost.
  2. damn for real.. nikki posted.. mods delete!!
  3. really.. my bad..delete it wtv
  4. haha.. hilarious.. cause losing stinks
  5. Really? At first I thought it sounded like a great fight, but then I thought about Diaz vs Gomi, Diaz vs Ceronne, I think if he picks his shots, it can be Diaz from bell to bell. I think his Jits can take Sanchez's wrestling... if he were to even want to try and wrestle. How would you see Sanchez dominating bell to bell? Just curious
  6. Sanchez asked for 5 round fight with Nate
  7. I want to see him fight again, but only because im thinking of the Diego and Florian wins. I dont want to see him come back motivated for a minute until he gets into trouble and loses all motivation. Im hoping hes training his behind off, and even though I know he wont, I wish he would get a new corner that helps out more than " just f@@#$ hit him man" "hes a b@&^% BJ hit him" and so on. I would love to see BJ take someone down like he did Fitch, work him a little and finish with a sub or g&p. But I really dont want to see him give up again.
  8. WOW cant wait.. what a matchup!! Like both fighters, just looking forward to a good fight. Im curious to see how it goes.
  9. Wow.. That makes a lot of weight debate busted if that is actually true.. the debate is pointless anyways. Georges obviously wants none of changing weight classes.. he just wants to stay champ at his.. which is kinda sad for the fans.. but his choice to make. There is no question hes dominated his class, I would like to see him move up personally, to where some even bigger guys might be able to neutralize his strength advantage and make him take some risks,.. although he does seem like hes slowing down, maybe losing the fire...
  10. 208 pounds ....... This dude is on roids lmao I just find it interesting, I didnt think he was that heavy. Especially after standing next to him. Everyone seems to say Georges is a huge welterweight, looks like they all cut loads of weight. Mind you im guessing thats his out of camp weight. It was the same when I met Miguel Torres, his fight was months away, but there was no way he even looked close to 140.. he looked like 160 or more...
  11. I hope Werdum beats Nog, so we get some new people in the mix, and it sucks DC and Cain wont fight.
  12. third.. sry my bad Hendricks says he thinks Geroges will fight him just like he did Koschek.. with lots of jabs... I can see that, but for some reason I have more confidence in Hendricks than Ive had in past opponents.
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