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    Carwin is out

    Good ole Babyfart Mcgeezax getting injured again
  2. Wait. So it's NOT gay to watch two girls and a shemale go at it?
  3. Babyfart Mcgeezax is gonna get so tired from chasing him around that he'll pass out and the ref will be forced to stop the fight
  4. Wish this damn game would come out already. GTA IV on-line is filled with hackers
  5. saw that. gotta love watching bad weather games
  6. no kidding. bears have 3 turnovers in the 1st.
  7. no one. it ended in a tie. First Rams got in down to the 3yd line, but it got called back due to offsides. Then the 9ers had a chance at a game winning 41yd FG and missed. Finally the Rams kicked a 53yd FG and made it, but there was a penalty for false start (?) and had to kick a 58 yrd FG, but missed. tie game. Best overtime I've even seen, maybe even best game i've ever seen
  8. Da Bears. Did you see the 49ers/Rams game? What an insane OT
  9. It's the military. You know what you sign up for. You wouldn't know because you've never been. It's ok though. I don't hate people like you. While the men are fighting wars and defending this country, the weak men (like you) complain about it from behind a desk and give other countries the impression that America has a compassionate side.
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