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  1. Why does Jones think this would be some sort of super fight? Ngannou is not top in the division, although he is good. Jones has been on the juice and barely escaped the last couple fights. Jones has that Leprechaun mentally of talking a lot and not being serious about any of it.
  2. You realize the whole, conservatives are being suppressed is just a talking point the right uses right? It's been debunked over and over that they equally cut **** out from all the loonies of both sides when they start with the more extreme views, or some incell at facebook gets upset his jerk session is cut short by someone hitting the report button. What you have no is government trying to regulate their ability to lie to the public while screaming the first amendment. Yet they are the fools trying to **** with your first amendment. Cruz is trying to get to Twitter now too because Iran has access to it and OMG, they are tweeting..... Needs a good clean sweep and start fresh without all these morons in there. Society as a whole would be better if all the idiots in politics, aka all of them, hp and retired for some level headed people bot out to become rich, or save the planet one tax dollar at a time
  3. Exactly what part of, no idiot president should spend that much money for leisure is a left wing theory? I mean, the Demorats seem to be the more fiscally responsible party the last 20 years, but even they are reckless crooks stealing from the tax payer to fund all their idiotic pet projects.
  4. I didnt know you lived in Edmonton! I agree, Go Oilers!
  5. Think it more comes down to the raging hypocrisy that the Orangutan portrays. Add in, if the cost has been around 140 million, that is beyond ridiculous no matter what fool is costing that amount. I get you have to protect whatever liar in chief is currently in charge, but if it costs 500 grand to go somewhere for a weekend, even if you work a bit between your golf swings, then the presidency should be limited to 1 trip a year. Dont like it, dont run. Tax payers paying that is unfathomable and hes barely 3 years deep in a 4 year cycle. If he follows that trend, and makes a second term he will be 350 million in leisure time. Every president combined shouldnt have cost the tax payers that much.
  6. Wait,you think he has free time between his rage tweeting, being the world's biggest victim, eating more McDonalds that that guy in the documentary? Then he uses that free time to golf across the country?
  7. But when your people get wiped out, who is going to clean my room next time I go there?
  8. Just dont get anything while you're out and you'll be fine
  9. MoZZez


    I'm just more shocked at 100m for a podcast. I must be clueless to podcasts in this day and age, as well as how big Joe really is. Good on him though.
  10. MoZZez


    Sounds like he is heading to Spotify for a 100 million dollar deal. Dropping all other sources for his podcast for it.
  11. This is the part I have had a problem with over here. Something had to be done, I get that. Wish idiots would have saved before hand so I am not responsible, but whatever at this point. But our dumb **** PM is giving students 1250 a month, because well, students need money. Well if students were working prior, they would be getting the other benefit. If they were not working, why are we handing out money to someone who didn't lose an income because of the pandemic. Seniors wanted more. Seniors did not lose anything, their pensions stayed the same, their cpp still came, so why are we giving seniors more money? Cashiers, gas jockeys etc etc got a bump in their pay from the federal government. So not only do I have to pay for people not working, but now I am subsidizing the people who were working. People will be very content sitting their asses at home and collecting everything the can if these idiot politicians hand them everything in life. Its ****ing disgusting how stupid politicians become once elected.
  12. I remember watching a Herb Dean fight and I dont remember thinking after I watched it that Herb will be ****ing much up 😃
  13. Damn, that would have been epic if Jotko ducked and Anders nailed herb with a kick
  14. I'm. Put even part of this game and I'm pretty sure your wrong. Didnt they put in place a way that you can miss some events?
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