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  1. So Pope endorses same sex unions and apparently all the biblical scholars are out informing people how the pope is wrong and how they know better. I mean, they did go to church that one time when football was delayed back in the day.
  2. She hasn't had her **** sucked in a very long time.
  3. Yeah I hear that hear as well. I have a lot of deductions for my contract work, I have decent deductions for my consulting. Even then, its still a fu k load of taxes.
  4. Sure, a bad businessman with a lot of daddys money. If thats how you want to call it I'm game.
  5. 50 cent, another bankrupt businessman backs the king of bankruptcy, news at 11.
  6. One has to ask, whats he doing with that dog.....
  7. The fine is ridiculous and the neighbors should be shot. As far as studies on masks? It follows the same idea as why surgeons wear them,they are not protecting the surgeon when the surgeon wears them, its protecting the patient, and I'm sure after 100+ years of use, you'll probably find a study to back that up if you looked for one.
  8. I dont believe Fauci has ever said a mask saves you. He says it helps contain the moisture particles you put out, thus helping the general public if you are a symptomatic. Then n95s help people who are immune compromised by limiting their exposure, but I dont believe he's ever said these are the be all end all. Just things that help slow the spread.
  9. She was a plant. Donald had nodding pro Trump failed congress woman, and Joe had ex Obama employees. So many independents at these town halls it seems....
  10. You'll see some right side politicians come on and either look really stupid or completely decimate the news anchors, or you'll see an opinion piece from someone right leaning. But it definitely won't be any large quantity I imagine.
  11. Its the Extreme right side of news. CNN is very left where you will see a little bit of the right. Breitbart you will not see the left, they make Fox look Neutral. They are news in a sense, but a lot of it is finding a tiny truth and spinning it 90% more. Which is sad, because they could use the truth they have and make some really good pieces from it.
  12. I would argue they are both full of morons with only a % of information or the truth, but sure think they know the truth.
  13. Is that like going to Breitbart and seeing 99% government loving beta **** suckers?
  14. I find if interesting that they put so much effort into trying to not get people to vote. Add in the Jerry meandering (sp) by both sides. For a country that is supposed to be a beacon of freedom and the right to vote, there's so much **** backwards there. When it comes to elections.
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