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  1. I'm guessing this Doctor came out and admitted it just so someone would sue. Now the credit can advance and test the constitutionality to it. Thought it was only 10,000 though. Where's the 100k come from?
  2. His voters dint care about his blackface His ethics violations His bribes from billionaires His fake feminism where he kicks women out if the party for not committing criminal acts His paying off his buddies with a billion dollars, who then paid his family members They dont give a single **** what that criminal does, as long as they don't get a conservative. They are dumb ****s who will probably force that idiot on us for another term
  3. So black women attack a black woman, Asian woman and Latina woman in New York over vaccine requirements at a restaurant. BLM is going to picket the restaurant saying the colored hostesses were racist vs the black women who attacked them. The racism is because the mandate from the government is put in place to keep black people out if restaurants... These terrorist mfer BLM idiots think it's OK to assault people following the law, because their dumb asses think everything is racist. You can't make this **** up. Cue cagetard coming to BLM rescue soon.
  4. I dont give a **** either way. Abortion, covid shot, finger in the ****. Not my business what people and their doctors decide to do. Just stay the **** out of what I decide medically
  5. I believe that Covid is real, covid is dangerous to people with preexisting conditions and that the vaccine is probably the best course to fight it. I am also realistic to believe that a majority of the deaths were bound to happen a lot sooner than people want to make it seem to be. That you can help society without a complete take over of it. I also believe that people who want to force vaccines cannot come and say they are against abortions and that women get to choose, or vice versa. My body,my choice should hold true to every person around who is mentally capable. Also, life really does hold no meaning. We are all going to die and no make believe sky fairy will swoop down to bring you somewhere else when it happens. So suck it up and shut the **** up.
  6. Awesome,you saved a bunch of fat diabetics who are on social security and near death anyway. I'm sure they will spend the next 5 months more alive before they die of heart failure, liver failure, age or whatever other problems their fat asses had.
  7. Wait till you get the bill of 500 million doses of the emergency vaccine. But look at your commie heart caring about the cost of things. How the world turns....
  8. And 90% of them died prior to the vaccine. So if you want to stay alive, take the vaccine. Of you are some fat old pig with diabetes, the shot may help you earn a few extra months. If you are a health normal person, you'll have better odds of winning the lottery than being killed from covid or having documented long term issues. So make your own damn decision. Or are you a pro lifer who believes abortion should be banned as well? Let me guess, her body her choice, unless it's a covid shot, then it has to be forced on someone?
  9. Well seeing as my sister now has Bells Palsy, I would say potential paralysis vs a virus that most healthy people easily live through. So I guess we will see what the serious long term effects will be.
  10. I dont think people dispute that they are working well. But what are the long term side effects
  11. She was the healthiest heffer just hours earlier in the McDonald's line. The other heifers were well on their way to a heart attack, respiratory issues and diabetes, but not the 350 pounder. Specimen of health she is.
  12. In memory of the great SoberCuban
  13. Dr Fauci is going to be found out to be Dr Evil and it'll be an epic turn of events! That said, ever since SARS, they haVe been talking about how viruses will be coming and how they are preparing for it. There are videos of Bush, and Obama at different times pushing to strengthen measures to be prepared for it Trump came in and dismantled them. Not saying that would change the current situation, but the discussions have been going on for a lot more years than what you are discussing and around the globe
  14. That black folk commit more crimes than anyone else even with being a tiny minority in the country? Thats fact, I am not ashamed of facts.
  15. Maybe it wasn't Texas. There is a potential other theme where a certain group of people, they commit a large amount if crimes all over the country. I see that theme in this large group. I also see some fat **** with his **** hanging out and his dirty red underwear on display.
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