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  1. The sad part of this paragraph is that there are cashflows out there repeating those lines (well without your paraphrasing of course) and maybe not the bulbs up the ****, not sure where that one comes from.
  2. Yes the world is waiting for Bidens election win to mysteriously cure the world of covid as it is all a hoax to get him elected with the whole world playing the game. 🤣
  3. When the dip**** turns his back on the kids reporting it to him, he's just a complicit pedo. Go back to worrying that on Trump can save you from wearing a mask in this Global hoax to get The dementia idiot elected.
  4. Does a protest spread the disease, or is it being in a crowd without proper spacing and masks? He answered the question, he didnt give Jordan what he wanted though. If protesting causes the spread of the virus, then a 1 man protest would be bad right? And sure maybe Fauci goes further than he needs. But its not his job to balance the economy, or schools, or how many hair dressers or Megasoup stay employed. So from his research and knowledge of the spread, him saying bars and crowds are bD is not being an alarmist, more so a realist from just the disease portion. I wouldn't care if Trump sent in the National guard and started taking the protesters to task. But at least stand up and admit it, Jordan the pedo wants to get someone else to sound bite for him to use the excuse to go after the protesters aka rioting criminal POS
  5. The protesters are dumb ****s. I would say that there will be some good numbers voting for both the dumb **** leaders. But the wrestling Pedo was playing politics with a man much smarter than he is, and the Doctor didn't give Jordan the sound bite he wanted to try and fund raise from. Thats not left or right, especially after he said the grouping in the protests does nothing good for the virus. So it looks to me like the Doctor embarrassed the pedo.
  6. I'm sure the Doctor is not a Trump supporter, but what exactly did he say that you think was "full left"?
  7. Fauci embarrassed the pedo. Not sure how he went left, he said crowds increase the risk. Protesting itself doesn't spread the virus. Being close together in crowds does. So what exactly is the left stance?
  8. So nobody in the US counts?
  9. Real dumb, and he knows it. Hence the reason he can lie as much as he dies,then just says the news reporting the facts are wrong or fake. His supporters lap it up. Its pretty sad how stupid voters are, and I'm not even saying its just the Trump idiots. The other side is near as bad. They should have a pre voting test, Failure would mean your vote is shredded.
  10. Who are the two people with him? I dont wear masks around family, I wouldn't care if he did either. As I said earlier, precautions yes, but I dont go for the utter stupidity of the other side either.
  11. To be fIr, it will probably cost Americans 2 to 3000 per dose. The rest of the world will pay about 30$
  12. I can agree with that statement.
  13. I'm not saying he is not a doctor or helps people. Honestly overall of all the politicians he is the one I can agree with the most. But he is still a politician and acts as such. Until he is out of that profession, especially being his bread and butter, thsn he will still say and do things like all the other crooks in government, and that is to further themselves and their friends above all else and the laws are in place to let them all be bought and paid for and he is only slightly different than the rest.
  14. Cuomo was an idiot who basically executed some elderly with his decision to do that. I also am against a shut down of the economy. Precautions sure, but not going back to what it was. People more prone to getting it need to stay the **** home. People who are sick need to use up some sick days. I'm not against wearing masks when people are close quarters or businesses requiring them, at least for awhile. Other than that, people need to wash their hands and stop being disgusting pigs like they were pre covid. Schools should open where feasible, areas like Florida, Texas and California should probably look at some alternative methods to deliver for the time being. Shops should be open, theaters, bars, with Precautions. Life will go on and eventually this will be no different than any other virus from the past, controlled and nothing more than a pain in the **** on select occasions.
  15. Rand Paul is a politician first and foremost and he acts as such. If he left politics and got back into Medicine I would change my view on his opinions on the matter.
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