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  1. Wait a second, didn't this nagger go on record saying the old orangutans words caused the capital riots and as such he is responsible. Now she is out there telling people to break the law and confront the police more during these riots? Interesting. Wonder if we will see her getting impeached now. Also read that Cuomo is advocating the killing if white kids because only then will the black kids being killed stop. Liberals at their finest....
  2. Fat midgets get lucky here and there. Look no further than Fatt Serra
  3. I can say I believe Rob has improved, I just don't think it would be enough. He could definitely knock out Izzzy as he has the power, he has decent speed in the combos. But izzy is so much faster and not some fat midget like in this fight.
  4. Rob clearly won that fight easily. But I dont know if he has improved enough to not get run over like he did vs the champ. Izzy is just so much better of a striker. Though I'd love to see Rob knock the bagger out with that head kick.
  5. What was the injury Klose suffered? Jeremy hurt his feelings with a push?
  6. Has Mir been Koed yet? That would be entertaining.
  7. I may have missed that one. I remember the guy being entertaining enough
  8. Violent Bob Ross Best name in the game!
  9. The funny thing is, that is the Canadian Donald Trump. He was touted as our heavy right leaning nutcase. But yes, **** Ontario, **** their rules, and generally **** over reaching politicians.
  10. Oh if they try it, then it's definitely packing the court and a power grab. As much as I'd love to see the one side cry and heads explode like the other side did the last two election years, it won't be good for democracy overall. Because when the current rats are scurried away, the other rats will make their way in and do the same power hungry moves, only better and you'll have more judges than Disney has Dalmatians.
  11. I think it would be retarded. But watching McConnell, Graham and Cruz heads explode as they lose their **** and cry about Democrats power grab of the courts would be pure entertainment and hypocrisy wrapped up into a tightly wrapped ball.
  12. I believe I'm starting to identify as a 250 year old repressed black American! wheres my money!
  13. Even if your 100% justified, even if they attacked you first. If you plug the naggers then you'll be a target from those BLM terrorists after that. Then all the white guilt idiots will follow.
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