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  1. How does an old dude like that have a name Rachel? He ain't fooling anyone.
  2. Spoiler.... because I dint know how to do the proper tagging. House of M, its a comic book about Wanda going off the deep end and making up a new reality in her head. They are taking that pathway to somehow get into the next phase of movies. Basically it is not Wanda and Vision. It is Wandas vision and this is her mind broken. After having Quick Silver die and then Vision die in front if her twice, her mental stability is gone. Sword has her locked down and the show is all in her mind. I'm guessing somewhere in the process her mind will start to rip reality apart and thats where Strange will come in. Then from there we will have the multiverse of madness. So I doubt they will follow the comic fully, but loosely at the very least.
  3. I'm kinda hoping people do. Let's see a light show!
  4. I must be a white supremacist and not even know it. I've used that to say OK when at work instead of screaming across the job site when we are doing cable pulls. Who knew.
  5. I heard, and I have zero idea if there is any truth to it or not, that with all the riots and **** from those fickers, 700 people were charged and arrested. No idea how many were bailed by Harris. Anything over 0 is to many imo.
  6. Actually you did say it would disappear after the election. 12er has compiled posts of yours proving this and yet you keep lying about not saying it. I've found a few and posted before proving you said it. So lie away, there's no changing your idiocy.
  7. You think I've never called out Roids or SVT when we disagree? I have, and will again. Then after the discussion we will discuss other things that we may or may not agree upon. The difference is they can actually debate the issue and you stomp your feet like everyone is wrong all the time then call them.idiots, lie about what you said, then run away and hide while people show you how stupid you really are. Please save the stupid response till later tonight or early tomorrow morning. I have a busy day scheduled and really don't care to listen to your drivel while I get **** done.
  8. I'm mostly in the same position as you except I can accept taxes to a small extent for certain things. Police, fire, hospitals, roads, military. I however don't agree with the taxation as it is, how the harder you work or the better you get the more you pay. The bigger the deadbeat, the lazier you are, or just a plane Jane cut dumpster you get more of my money. Then I get to hear from those same folks taking more of my cash that because I own multiple properties I can afford to pay more and I should be taxed even higher. **** em. I work hard for what I have and it is not anyone's but my own.
  9. Because Cash is near always wrong, can't admit he was wrong and will continue to pretend he is right. Are you new to this forum?
  10. Nah, its just some crazy idiot. Honestly, your country is ****ed currently. You have the far left, BLM, Antifa, Aoc, Bernie thinking you need straight up socialism to make everything better, Then you have the tea baggers, Trumpers, Cruz idiots on the far right thinking 1776 was a great year to live and you should follow the same rules from that day. Both sides are dangerous, both sides have nut jobs and mobs willing to destroy society S you know it to advance their cause that they think is correct. The reality is, there's probably 200 million left and right if centers who get shut up because they are not loud mouthed idiots willing to become some stupid mob bent on destroying everything they touch. You need those near center people to take back the parties and government.
  11. Is he going to throw those plastic bottles into the trash!!!! Hang him!
  12. Watched the first 2 episodes if Wandavision. Wasn't bad. Would definitely have Elizabeth Olsen as a house wife. Can see where they are building this up to, so if it keeps going I think it'll turn out pretty good.
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