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  1. They thought the same thing last time and were left looking pretty dumb. Both guys need to let their handlers handle them and shut the hell up outside of that. No questions, no comments, just pre written speeches.
  2. I can say I just don't know. Trump has a lot against him currently, but a lot can change in a short period of time. Biden would have been better to run 4 years ago, but with his mind deteriorating in front of everyone, he is just such a weak candidate to put forward. Add in the fact Democrats are such **** and cannot stick together. Republicans get on that train and will ride it right off a cliff together if they think they have a chance.
  3. Trump is good to his base and reading that crowd. But he is a horrible speaker over all outside him being able to be an Eddy Guerrero. Biden is just a bumbling fool, but he is at least smart enough to read someone else's speeches without coming across as one. Its honestly embarrassing that either one is the top ticket. You would think there would be someone a few decades younger then geriatric who can string a couple sentences together without looking like a complete moron, who can cut spending where it matters while keeping programs that help the citizens. No different then up here, bumbling idiots more concerned about power and their friends then actually governing without overstepping.
  4. Biden isn't a smooth talker. He is just a better speaker than trump outside of reading from a teleprompter and even then the guy is a bumbling idiot.
  5. I believe in between his pedophilia he had some outrage that the President is gassing his people for a photo op. Probably something Jesus would have been outraged on if he existed. But what does he know, Trumps brand of Religion involves strippers, adultery, attacking and getting pissed on. So its a new type of movement I guess.
  6. The Bishop of the Church in question?
  7. Its like a party of old stupid people today. Trump wants to bring the military down on civilians (will we finally see the 2nd amendment people out in the streets against the Army trying to disperse protesters and their 1st amendment rights?) Biden the dumb **** wants police trained to shoot people in the legs. Tune in tomorrow for as the old ****s say dumb ****.
  8. Lol. Its nice to see a religious person call a spade a spade.
  9. You have to give someone credit. To pre order your bricks and have them delivered before the riot. That is an organized criminal with a big set of balls.
  10. Shouldn't come as a surprise, Private Bone spurs has a history or running the other way.
  11. So Trump is calling the Governors weak, while the guy cowered in a bunker. You can't make this **** up.
  12. @Megasoup we are discussing your awesome career. Please come tell us all your new successes.
  13. didn't realize every black person on the streets was a nagged either. Guess you can be surprised like others have been.
  14. Don't say that, Soup may actually kill himself if he thought a black person can do his career....
  15. so your saying Soup is so inept that there are even people who are crippled with the main body part used to bartend who do his job better than him?
  16. You haven't seen a single white nagger on the street rioting? You should turn off CNN and look for a better. Hammel to watch. They are there.
  17. But who would serve drinks part time? I mean that skill is so invaluable to society and near irreplaceable. It's not like some 18 year old kids out of high school can do it...
  18. Cant say someone trying to improve on peoples poor driving habits and anger management is a bad thing.
  19. That right there is poetry. I hope they torched his house like he wanted others torched.
  20. Antifa is a criminal organization and I'm sure they have their hands in a lot of this. I also believe there's some right wing groups out there looking and dropping fliers so suckers believe everyone's getting paid. I also believe that people who think a billionaire is tied to everything in life they disagree with, should check themselves into a hospital for paranoid delusions.
  21. Never let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.
  22. Bob amd Doug are the pre Trailer park Boys, pre Corner gas, Pre Red Green They had the great quotes like, "take off, eh" and "don't be a hoser". They sang the 12 days of Christmas, the proper way. I get it was from 1980, but you cant be that young to not know Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas from the SCTV days.
  23. Trumps week. A bit of Golf. 100,000th death from a pandemic he mostly ignored Cities burning while he quotes racists Implying Democrats should be killed Uses the power if government to try and stop them from fact checking him. Good times, I see why you need to Make America great again, seems like a ****hole currently. Oh, and after Merkel said she wouldn't come to camp David in June/July, now the fool is playing it up like he is postponing until later, and wants Russia back in the mix with India and Australia. Next year he will be inviting North Korea and China.
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