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  1. Awesome, wanted him to win, though I figured the Leprechaun would have. What was the finish?
  2. Stream went out. Im guessing someone won already?
  3. That was quicker than I expected.
  4. Everything tied to Trump loses money
  5. Hence why I said when restrictions ease. Jamaica is always a good go to. Through I haven't followed up on their cases. Even then, it would be 2 weeks there and 2 weeks quarantine when back. Meh
  6. I'm too busy and with all the infestations, I'll hold out. Being in IDYB territory, I'm looking at Hawaii or if I get a large enough chunk of time off, Australia. But that'll depend on when all the restrictions around the globe slow down so I dont have to quarantine there or here when back. But a real beach and some Pina Coladas would be nice.
  7. Not on the resorts. Cut your hair, shave your peachfuzz, have your weekly shower, get your dads suit on and go start applying. I need an authentic Mexican to pour my drinks on the beach.
  8. Who is going to serve my booze when I go down there next? Damnit Vert you better learn to bartend!
  9. They have a stronger case, but they were not exactly right either. They treated it as a joke and its not a joke. But it is not as bad as the Democrats make it out to be either. You are looking at it from the scope if just these 2 idiot parties. If you look further around the world, you would see things outside the limited scope that both sides want you to see.
  10. Did the dems play the pandemic is the end of the world and its all Trumps fault, even by furthering actions by their own hands. They sure did. The Republicans played the card that its not that bad and the economy needed to offset the pandemic. One groups message lost, both played with peoples lives. This is nothing different than any other election. They tried to Pin Hunter Biden as some huge issue to the country, when he is just some rich kids drug addict. Yet they tried. Clinton was impeached, AL Gore served under an impeached President, who got impeached for a blow job. Politicians, don't trust any of them.
  11. Oh there's politics at play. There always is. Thats why politicians are all crooked ****s. They will **** with your life if it means they can try and one up the other idiot across the hall.
  12. Biden fixed everything. All hail the new king 🤣
  13. You've honestly run out of insults that you have to drag his wife into this? Whats next, you insult his kid?
  14. You're super hard for little girls?
  15. I think it more has to do with even Covid doesn't want to be around you. I thought you would have caught that common theme.
  16. Elon has done very well as far as battery storage and that seems to be Teslas focus. They need to improve the DC drives and get them up to 1000+km per charge.
  17. I'm hopeful for the new nuclear reactors being designed and built. Smaller, less water, more power and the waste is near non existent and can be turned into medical isotopes. Coal will be gone in the next 20 years or so id guess. Even with Republican opposition, they will eventually get more on board about cleaner energy as places will start to put trade stipulations in agreements to meet X Y or Z. Saskatchewan has some smaller coal fire plants that are being turned off in 2030. But we have been building new natural gas ones and have some carbon capture technology that started very slow and looked like a waste, but has turned around and looking very promising. Out here in BC power is so cheap. About the only thing cheap around here.
  18. Wel there you have it. COVID is near over. If Fedor lives then we can safely say we have gotten through it. Fedor only beats washed up fighters who are past their prime.
  19. It honestly blows my mind how much power your country lacks. Canadian electrical grid runs north south, not east west. We sell so much electricity to the states, mostly the coasts. I remember in the 90s we had a substation go down in Quebec and turned half the east cost off for a half day or so. Same with The west coast, we could turn a switch and turn those rolling brown outs into a daily event. There needs to be a major infrastructure improvement on the grids and the cities and I just dont see the few trillion dollars being spent to do it in the next even 30 years. Add in all the new technologies for everyday things. People used to run a coffee maker for about 1.8 amps in a kitchen. Now these machines are 1200 watts or higher. 1500 watts need gun a 20 amp breaker for a single device in your house, then a 60 amp car charger running at 50 amps. I guarantee small town older housing and the cities older **** are running on 60 to 100 amp services. Now you'll need house upgrades to 125 or 200 amp services. Multiple cars per family. Its just so far away. Stomp can dream that the technology is there, but the infrastructure is not.
  20. I thought it was Bi weekly Wednesdays. Bubba is late! 🤣
  21. I know there will be a push for them, but as Juice stated its just not going to happen. You dint have the power capability and the cars do not have the range at this point. They are getting much better, and eventually they will take over. But thats decades away.
  22. The problem is your country doesn't have enough power as it is. You buy a ****load from us already. Start asking gas and diesel vehicles off the road and see where that gets you. You dont have the infrastructure in the places that need it, mainly the big cities.
  23. Sock boy rolled over to Biden. He's a cuck But to be fair, Biden just eliminated 11000 jobs and 1.5 billion dollars for your economy just in construction. So we both lost on this decision.
  24. F uck you are an idiot. Your government has said for awhile that things will open and close based on region and numbers. But sure, Biden is in and casinos are open. Guess we get our fake gambler back now. https://coronavirus.illinois.gov/s/ Therefore, any region that has met the metrics for a reduction of mitigations will move out of Tier 3 to less restrictive measures (Tier 2, Tier 1, and back into Phase 4) beginning January 15, 2021. As the pandemic has evolved, so has the state's response. The key change to the state’s Resurgence Mitigation Plan announced in July is resuming indoor dining with capacity limits in Tier 1.
  25. I doubt you're wrong, but who knows.
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