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  1. On 7/9/2020 at 12:19 PM, 12еr said:

    Teddy is a legend. I’m currently listening to an autobiography in audio form at work. 

    Not only did he resign from his position as secretary of the navy to go fight in Cuba, but after being President he lobbied to be commissioned and sent to fight in WW1. Woodrow Wilson blocked it and Teddy never forgave him. 

    All four of his sons fought in WW1, though. His youngest son Quentin was a pilot and was shot down and killed in France. 

    His oldest son, Teddy 3 then went on to fight again in WW2 in North Africa and Italy before becoming the only General Officer to land with the assault waves in Normandy. He had to lobby hard to even be allowed to do it and was later awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions that day. Teddy 3 wasn’t the only Roosevelt on the beach that day, his son Quentin 2 was a captain and also landed on day 1 and they were the only father-son combo to land at Normandy.

    Politicians used to be bad asses who led by example. They’re all cucks now.

    You talk as though those feats are truly great.

    Teddy never had to battle a case of Doctor invented Bone Spurs. You should be writing about how Great ol Donny was during his time talking about the military...

  2. 1 minute ago, StormGrind said:

    If this is true us Cajuns want Nova Scotia back right @SVTContour98

    We peacefully migrated down here in the swamps where none would follow to get away from the greedy brits after telling the french to fk off..... 

    If you want Nova Scotia you have to take Justin Trudeau with you.


    Better yet,just take Justine Trudeau and we will call it even.

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  3. 7 hours ago, juice64011 said:

    The Ohio Democratic Party took out a big loan.

    Congressional Black Caucus whose controlling members are all Dems took out a big loan.

    Congressional Hispanic Caucus which is comprised entirely of Dems took out a big loan. 

    A Texas US House of Representatives candidate took out a small loan to help run her campaign. She happens to be a Dem. 

    We can all agree that it was a poorly written bill that allowed large companies get money that shouldn't have a need for it. 

    Lots of abuse by huge companies and those thieving politicians. 

  4. 1 minute ago, PlatinumClegg said:

    Hey... guy.  Come to Cleveland, TN, USA and see where the goddamn statue is placed.  It's right in front of Lee College.  There's a lot of people that don't even want it torn down.  They simply want it moved elsewhere.  Do not come at me when you're not even educated on the circumstances.  ****ing idiots.

    So you have a background in removing statues that I somehow dont?
    You dont like my opinion, fair enough, but stop trying to pretend that you are some sort of expert on an issue about removing statues because you live in the South.

    Ill say the same **** to people wanting to remove Aushwitz, people who would speak out at the pyramids, people who want to remove Roosevelt or Lee. Run and hide from history all you want, it wont change **** and it wont make people feel better. It just make the woke idiots go and try and remove more **** they cannot stand to see or read.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, PlatinumClegg said:

    You are a special kind of stupid.  PEACE Officers have been murdering black people across the country.  The statues are in the southeast.  Do you live here?  Have you witnessed or first hand been told that you were going to be killed?  I stood with my 60 year old mother and my 15 year old mixed daughter that she adopted at 4 months.  I parked with the rebels because I was looking for a fight.  I think everything is cool so I'm headed to the car and a dude easily an inch shorter and my weight starts talking ****.  Okay they had 8 to 1 numbers in their favor on that side of the street. 

    When 6 bikers left he didn't have **** to say and I knew they were leaving so I doubled back.  I played one Al Green song blasting out of a killer stereo and he crossed the street and tried to start **** where he would be outnumbered.  HNIC got everyone out of there immediately.  I squared up with him and his O line size buddy when he came back across and the police are already there.  They've been there and it's ****ing pathetic that rednecks want to sport confederate flags on their obnoxiously loud trucks.

    You mother****ers can all suck my ****.  I had a 3500 Dodge follow me clean across town and then block my 2010 CRV in.  I grabbed a Ruger LC9 and exited the vehicle.  He exited that parking lot.  I ain't the one.

    Clegg, so what exatly does that have to do with a statue?
    Your issue is with some rednecks who you seem to have dealt with.

    I am not even saying that people should be celebrating specific statues, but removing them imo is retarded. History has a record amount of stains on society, we dont need to hide from it, we need to look it straight on and teach and learn from it.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, TwennyFo said:

    Which is why you as a Canadian and I as a Brit find ourselves here on a forum discussing Trump with a bunch of Americans. 

    Trump and any US president honesty has a lot of involvement in what happens up here overall. |
    But it certainly is more entertaining to see Trump talk about ingesting disinfectant, or a shoe being thrown at Bush, Obama sticking his foot in his mouth with the black guy at his own residence.

    I mean Trudeau is embarrassing, but its more he dresses like an idiot and has the public speaking persona of a grade 2 graduate.

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  7. Just now, TwennyFo said:

    Would you say that Canadian politics are interesting m8? Genuine question. I ask because there;s a few other forums i visit and very rarely does anyone make a thread about Canadian politics unless it's to piss on Trudeau.

    Nah, Canadian Politics are pretty dull.
    You have a dipship Liberal, and usually some bumbling idiot Conservative who if they can keep their mouth shut long enough can win an election.
    But no real scandals or anything that jumps out.
    I mean, we had the whole 12$ orange Juice scandal... But that amounts to the Obama Tan suit.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, TwennyFo said:

    Lol, Trump moves the needle m8. Maybe if Canada had someone other than that ****ing gimp Trudy in office i'd take a bit more notice of things this side of the border but until then all the action is on your side so that's where i'll be.

    Even Sheer has turned into a dip****.

    Wants to hand out CERB to working people ffs.

    10 years before we have a chance to balance the budget, then we have an american style debt to pay off...

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  9. 9 minutes ago, I_Take_Roids_m8 said:


    The point stands that you morons want statues removed of confederate generals and whatnot and one if the laughing points is because theyre losers but yet love communism, socialism, and lolBernie Sanders. 


    Get wrecked. 

    I just cannot fathom the idiots who want to remove the statues.

    People need to learn from history and not be so bloody offended by it where their feelings are hurt because some old ****er dead a few hundred years owned slaves.
    Hell, go up near everyone int he US's lineage a few hundred years and there will be someonne who owned slaves, even Aunt Jemimas family.

    After all the status are gone, then books about slaves, and Hitler and wars, and the old empires will offend someone and they will be next on the chopping block.

    People say that these statues should remain in museums and not on the street, but the same dip****s are wanting to remove a Roosevelt statue from a museum FFS.

    Society is ****ed when actions hundreds of years ago, hurts their feelings today

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  10. 5 hours ago, gadgets19 said:

    So on the facebooks someone was explaining their situation.

    They made a point to say they are a K-12 teacher in a RED state.

    Now I know the basics of red vs blue state but anyone know what the main differences in being a teacher in a red vs blue state and why it so important for the person to be specific.

    He made it sound like cause of red he doesn't have as much money or vacation time comparatively.

    Some teachers make 30 grand in certain states.

    I've never understood why you want to put dumb ****s into positions to teach the next generation.  Nobody with any form of degree and intelligence is going to work for 30 grand while babysitting everyone's spoiled brats.

    Then a lot of them have to buy supplies because the school boards short them for whats needed.

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  11. 1 minute ago, NoCakeForYaya said:

    I think this is a rare case of 'why not both'? I'll be honest I'm basing quite a lot on the Netflix documentary, and while Netflix definitely have their agenda, it left me with a real feeling of the pedo ring being quite large scale tbh. 

    Ultimately though, whether it's money talks, or the other, it's a great summary of why the world is ****ed 

    I'm not saying its not happening, I just do t go straight to the crack pot theory as the first thought.

    This may be that special case.

    But for the amount if accusation, all the video in the world, rivals and friends, deaths and yet there is nobody outside the pedo being locked up for decades.

    The FBI and the Joe collar workers there who do the investigations are not going to cover up for some billianairs, or Slick Willy, or the fixer who got arrested today.

  12. 12 minutes ago, NoCakeForYaya said:

    Dude I hate conspiracy theories but I'm quite frankly baffled that you have this stance. 

    There's absolutely no doubt in my mind Epstein was covered for lmfao.  The dude 100% has videos of some extremely powerful people sleeping with children. 

    Should also note. If there is all this evidence and people, get it out there, lock them up and then execute them. Be it the judges, politicians, cops, Clinton's, trumps, doesn't matter.


    Law and order means prove the guilt and then the scum should be eliminated 

  13. 5 minutes ago, NoCakeForYaya said:

    Dude I hate conspiracy theories but I'm quite frankly baffled that you have this stance. 

    There's absolutely no doubt in my mind Epstein was covered for lmfao.  The dude 100% has videos of some extremely powerful people sleeping with children. 

    Its very possible.

    Or its possible money lets you get away with a lot of ****.

    Which is most common and has been going on in large scales throughout history.

    Huge pedo rings of highly influential people at the highest level of government and society. 


    Money talks and criminals walk.

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  14. 57 minutes ago, StompGrind said:

    Dude they gave him 6 months for solicitation of a minor & he could leave at night & all co-conspirators could not be prosecuted for past crimes. They made that deal & sealed all documents. It was later over turned by a judge because such a deal infringed on victims rights but how on earth can you conclude that's not helping.

    They protected that POS & part of that was due to his political ties mainly a Royal and a former President & that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

    You're extremely naive or ill informed if you think otherwise. 

    So someone with large sums of money got off with a slap on the wrist and this means that all these arms if the government who investigate crimes are suddenly covering up for pedos?


    Between stupid wording of laws, over priced lawyers and needing to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, there are plenty of ways this **** happens.

    I'm not saying the guy was innocent or got what he deserved, outside the end result anyway, but you believe every crack pot conspiracy that hits the internet and treat it as fact when the reality is usually much simpler than the internet experts seem to feed you.

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  15. 1 minute ago, juice64011 said:

    Definitely, hopefully she sends a video to every independent news organization outlining everyone involved first. I'm not big into conspiracy theories but there are a lot of powerful people that protected Epstein and were involved in what he was doing. 

    I have no doubt  he used his money to get what he wanted and some of those people got taken out.


    I dont buy into the size if conspiracy though.

    Nor do I think that the FBI is helping pedos,Clinton's are guilty and all the evidence is there, yet Republicans turn a blind eye etc.

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