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  1. Reports that Trump ignored intelligence about Russian Bounties on American Soldiers. Will be interesting to see where this goes. Even the dumb **** Republicans can't ignore that one and have the military turn on them.
  2. I hear Sacha Baron Cowan has a new song out that had a catchy tune for some hillbillies.
  3. Have a friend in Florida who was saying g the bars are closing down again. Not sure if its local or state level. I just like How Pence was bragging about how the US has things under control by citing the numbers in the Democrat states, while ignoring what the **** is going down in the south by numbers. With just a whisper saying they need to look more into that.
  4. If you ask his niece, she will probably tell you its a diaper as he ****s himself regularly. He must be eating the same stuff as Bartaloni
  5. Trump on Hannity crying more than a kid whose lunch money was stolen. Is Mitch not around to go change that diaper?
  6. How come every other white person who dies blackface gets canceled, but that cancer just cannot be killed.
  7. Posted that before. I've watched a few videos since. I like the straight shooting nature of the two.
  8. I forgot, didnt @12er post something about Trump campaign wanting actors in Tulsa? 6200 people minus the paid actors, seems legit.
  9. but a white cop shot someone, black lives matter! This is racist news coverage and shouldn't be released to the public.
  10. I dont know man. Anyone who can go from "normal" to i wanna **** your dead grandma probably was not all that normal to begin with 😃
  11. It's Trumps grand plan. Get enough people infected in Texas that Mexico wants to build and pay for the wall!
  12. So he fit right in with the rest of us? 😆
  13. I'm waiting to see them stop going for the low hanging fruit in Statues, and go for the big game. The pyramids were built by slaves, the WhiteHouse, hell, lets see them take down Charleston. I mean if you want to talk slaves, who can forget Charlestown. Right now its just some lazy black kids with some guilt striken white kids who think they were part of the slave trade. Let's see some organized chaos and bring down the good ****.... Or they'll just be bored and torch another target while stealing some tvs that cost 200$. Same **** I guess.
  14. Come now, there couldnt be agitators and bad people blocking streets, Trump himself said that wouldnt happen in Tulsa and they wouldnt get the same treatment as Seattle. That or he lied. Wonder which one is true....
  15. Trump and his handlers care about the numbers much more than I do. I find it as entertainment. They see it as his resurgence took a nose dive, like his numbers have been the last few months. His supporters of course being as stupid as they are, cant believe anything that doesn't prop the monkey up on a tower.
  16. Here, right from your state sponsored news agency. "A spokesperson for the Tulsa Fire Department told Fox News on Sunday that fire marshal records show just under 6,200 scanned tickets were logged for the rally at the BOK Center. The figure doesn't include Trump team staff members or private suites, which were fully booked. The president and his campaign had touted 1 million ticket requests; the arena's capacity is 19,000." So 7000 people showed up. Nickleback can pull in more people at this point ffs.
  17. Yes dip****, Trump and his Oompa loompas will stack in there like a bunch of clowns at the circus. Your savior and his team of dotards were saying there were millions of people wanting to come and RVSPing, yet they couldn't even pack a 19000 seat stadium, hell, they probably didn't even do half of it. They were figuring there would be over 100,000 just in the streets waiting to get in. Guess that didn't work out well, but people like you will still be showing videos of selective angles to show how packed it really was...
  18. Trump had thousands, they were talking millions. They had to cancel the overflow because there wasn't even 100 people there. That's embarrassing. Biden is a geriatric senile loser that nobody wants to elect, but they don't want anther 4 years or the orange idiot driving the country over the edge. But feel free to go back to my posts and show me where I support Biden? Minus him going through a heavy portion of dementia and telling blacks that they are not really black if they don't want his wrinkled white ****, he doesn't give the comedic gold that the Orangutan does. Hell, I dont even think 12er wants to vote for Biden.
  19. Not sure how it is fake news. Watch another video of the same night and youll see the empty seats in the higher area. As for Biden, I had a good laugh with a buddy yesterday over that same photo. I dont support either lying idiot. You need a Gary Johnson to run again and everyone abandon both the left and right parties of crooks, thieves and power hungry ****s.
  20. Though I hope he knocks the bum out cold.
  21. He isn't fighting with desperation thY he needs with the time left. He will be held up on the cage the remaining 2 minutes
  22. Part of it is you guys test more, I won't deny that. But as a whole, outside of the boot of Ontario and parts of Quebec, people did the distancing and we had no problems putting a mask on. Not perfect by any means, but helped keep the numbers down when it mattered. Down there there was too many stubborn people, still are actually who believe it didn't matter. Even as numbers and deaths rise, they are putting their heads in the sand.
  23. No no. Trump will tell you there were millions wanting tickets and those people were all there, just dressed in Camouflage. Its all fake news if someone says otherwise. As far as testing. This is what I see and very happy the border is closed.
  24. Gonna be 5 rounds of it im guessing
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