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  1. Been seeing a lot of threads askin' bout it. Well, here it is. It's form the band NAKED AND FAMOUS Great band, heard them when they were small timing, watching them grow toward a larger audience has been fun!
  2. It's form the band NAKED AND FAMOUS Great band
  3. Uncharted is already a movie with the amount of cutscenes it has.
  4. Last time I bumped an old thread I got banned.
  5. I can see why you haven't posted much for a late join date, everyone here is a ****ing idiot.
  6. Everyone above late 10, early 11 is an idiot anyway.
  7. ForcexrecoN

    God I Hate ESPN

    ESPN is the FOX news of the sports world
  8. I'm back *****es. Been awhile.
  9. I leave for a few months only to come back and see your at 55k in posts. Jesus christ!
  10. This. Best gaming trilogy ever. It's weird how the people who wrote the game from ME1-ME3 also wrote the ending :confused: Did EA rush them or something???
  11. A lot of people think ME2 was the best in the series. For me it's still ME1. ME3 would have been the best in the series, and the best game of all time if it wasn't for the out-of-left-field-what-the-**** ending. It's weird that the excellent writing team 99% through the game were flawless, then basically **** on a stick for the last part. Eh...
  12. They would have been pissed regardless. The ending was awful. It completely made all the choices we made in ME1, ME2 and ME3 nothing. None of it mattered. It was the best game I've ever played until the last 5 minutes which ****ing derailed everything.
  13. That's not in a good way though. Bioware pissed a lot of fans off, including me.
  14. Came out March 6. Ending caused such a **** storm it made it to CNN news.
  15. Now most of you don't give a ****. But for those who do like Sci-Fi or just like watching explosions you entered the correct thread. ME3 has set two records, besides pissing off it's entire fan base with the ending (including me). If you haven't played the game and want to, there are major spoilers in these videos. Just a heads up. ME3 on release set a record for having the 4th and 1st largest space battles in cinema/gaming history. 4th Largest Space Battle - Quarian .vs. Geth - Battle over Rannoch (Choosing the Geth over Quarians) 1st - Largest Battle in both Movie and Gaming History - The United Galaxy .vs. The Reapers - Over Earth Enjoy the pretty explosions.
  16. It's not on the list but "I'll dictate the pace of this fight."
  17. HW: Bigfoot Silva LHW: Rampage MW: Palhares WW: Nick Diaz LW: Nate Diaz FW: Mark Hominick BW: Manny Gamburyan FW: Mighty Mouse
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