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  1. This thread is amazingly funny. 'old', 'hardcore', 'true' or whatever other self congratulatory ******** moniker they want to give themselves fans coming together to pat each other on the back and complain about the 'new breed'. Man, you're all so awesome. In the immortal words of Greenday when asked what they thought of their old fans thinking they had 'sold out', 'We like our new fans better, they buy our CDs'.
  2. So many people here don;t seem to understand how a business works. Henderson had a minimum that he wanted. Dana had a maximum he was willing to pay. The two couldn't be reconciled. Dana White knows more about how valuable people are to his business than you do.
  3. The tryouts have already happened. It's also a condition of the tryouts that you have a proffesional fight record.
  4. If you were Dana you'd ruin the business you had spent years building? Interesting.
  5. NEWS JUST IN KIMBO CAN PICK UP GUY COMING UP FROM A LOWER WEIGHT CLASS tune in at 11 for more. Kimbo's ground game was shocking. He consistently lost the dominant position or did nothing when he was there, he didn't attempt transitions and completely failed to get an easy choke on a gassed opponent. Put don't let me get in the way of the Kimbo hype train. I just have to stomach the fact that the 'legendary' Kimbo Slice will be shoved down my throat for the next year. When will he be allowed to fight heavyweights?
  6. Maybe if you walk around a trailer park. That statement is so untrue its almost funny.
  7. I know he made a lot of enemies over the cours eof the show for perceived arrogance that wasn't backed up by skill, but out of all the other TUF guys fighting McSweeney was by far the most impressive. Flamboyant and technical striking, good ground defence, passing the guard, transitions, submission attempts. It was by far the most complete performance of the evening (possibly barring Edgar). I do worry if his hands are a bit light though. McSweeney proved that he loves the sport. He was a lot better than he was on the show and looks like he could have a very promising career. Can't wait to see him tested again in the octagon. For people who don't follow twitter, he broke his hand in the fight and has been taken to hospital. Anyone know when that happened?
  8. Why do UFC fans insist on talking in tired clich?s?
  9. No kind of constructive argument will ever be present in a thread with the word 'Fedor' in it. Honestly, you lot argue over which rich guy would beat which rich guy in a fightand neither of the rich guys in question give a crap about your internet warrior loyalism.
  10. Have you even read a post in this thread? MMAUnltd - yeah your right, it is what it is and its a damn shame. It really devalues the competition as a sport. I'd really like the UFC to try and clamp down on this sort of behaviour though. You have healthier fighters which means better fights. We would probably see more catchweight bouts aswell. I wonder if the UFC simply like having that cushion of being able to fill divisional fights with people who have cut weight?
  11. Abuelo

    UFC salaries?

    I simply don't understand this argument that because the UFC makes X amount of made up money, the fighters should get paid more than they do. Why is it we demand our sports stars get paid more money (when they already earn considerably more than most people will) then complain when they reacha certain plateau of payment? If i work for Microsoft and get paid 40k a year, it makes no difference that Microsoft is worth however much it is worth. If the fighters didn't think they were getting a fair deal, they wouldn't be there. Simple as.
  12. Abuelo

    UFC salaries?

    But the UFC doesn't make the most money of any company in the world. I'm with Brewster. Fight contracts are negotiated with and generally there seems to be a bit of give and take on both sides. The fighter has a lower limit and the UFC has an upper limit based on it's own criteria (of which no-one on this site knows or can even make an educated guess at). If those two limits cannot be reconciled, the fighter is free to try his luck elsewhere, which is what has happened with Dan Henderson. Sayign the fighters are the ones building the organisation is denying the simply incredible work Dana has done over the years. While the fighters might make it entertaining, Dana and the other people behind the scenes make it a business and without the business the fighters would be stuck. The UFC does what it can within the framework it operates in. I believe it does looka fter it's fighters and the disparity in wages between top and bottom is the same in any sport you care to name. Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid is on 150k a week but Gonzalo Higuain at Real Madrid isn't. Those two names might not mean anything to you, but substitute any top sportsman with someone who plays lower down the ladder and it is exactly the same.
  13. Abuelo

    Diego Sanchez-YES

    If he wants to get pumped up he should get McSweeney to slap him about a bit before the match
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