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  1. oh. and lets not forget, chael LOST to anderson, while using ped's and anderson had injured rips. nuff said
  2. ur a joke. troll. i would like gsp to move up and lose to anderson, then maybe anderson will move up. also, i do like gsp against some middleweight contenders. but lets be real TROLL. he wouldnt beat anderson. he has no chin. one backstepping jab from anderson would put gsp on the mat for a nap. kos punched him once and he was cryin, i cant see... my eye! i cant see!
  3. everyone is still loling at you kid. jones is going to break machidas head with a big takedown and then elbow him till he cries for shogun
  4. bahahahaha. ok. lets assume that youre not trolling. and you legitimately think that the fight will go this way, and that there is a small chance he will retire. then lets assume, for the sake of this weak thread, that you are correct in saying jds gets humiliated. and then lets use common sense and say jds is undefeated. and realize no, he wouldnt retire after his first loss. YOU EFFING MORON SORRY EXCUSE FOR A TROLL. everyone is loling at you.
  5. see, you know something is wrong if youre siding with a guy who says gsp is more exciting than bendo. haha. and im no troll. im not saying people who arent dead dont deserve to be in it. im saying he died, and that is part of the reason they honored him with a spot in the ufc hof. respect obviously isnt in your vocabulary
  6. do you know the names of anyone on the ufc production team? no. do you know his? yes. therefore, a man who died, after helping put the sport on the map, deserves it a bit more. its called respect. something you apparently lack
  7. fightfan1992

    Bendo vs Edgar

    War edgar!!! The most underrated fighter in the ufc!!!!
  8. youre an idiot. tapout has been a HUGE part of making mma popular. he deserves to be in there more than some of the fighters that are in there. its about more than just who had the best fights. its also about who and what, had a part in making the ufc the big time company that it is today
  9. because he earned a title shot before he left the ufc. but dana screwed him over. its no new hype. its hype that should have never been lost
  10. kobe. lebron. iverson. carmelo. juan johnson (long lanky body haha)
  11. the ufc is where the best fighters in the world fight. ufc champions are the real world champions. for example. fighters who leave the ufc and go to other orgs like strikeforce, almost always end up champions or at the top for example, nick diaz. thats just the first example that came to mind. or werdum goes and beats fedor when he would really have no chance in the top of the ufc heavyweight division. and hw is arguable the worst division in the ufc. also. pettis if he wins his next fight, will lose to the winner of the edgar and maynard rematch. promise.
  12. if davis magically found a way to get jones on the ground he would have a chance. but jones would make davis look like a fool on the feet. davis beat jones and bader in college wrestling though. but thats just wrestling. not mma. jones would own this fight completely
  13. no lol really.. this site gets more pathetic by the week. and i honestly dont know of any sites with good forums on them. ive been a member on this forum for over a year. and even in just a year this forum has turned into a complete joke. BTW lol im not trolling.
  14. just a guess, but im going to say atleast 50% of the posts now a days are trolls, or just morons. usually not even good trolls. i used to learn a lot on here but now.. eehhhh not so much. so if anyone knows of a form that doesnt blow. let me know
  15. lmfao!! you trolls are just too pathetic!! whoops i meant... funny? nah. i meant pathetic lol
  16. who cares troll? ur two threads right in a row, whinning about things, makes it a bit obvious
  17. its riveras fault for saying he could have gone on. if he woulda said he couldnt continue, then he would have won via dq. NO i am NOT saying that i think rivera should have been a b**** and done that. i think he did the right thing and the ufc fighter thing. im just saying, thats how it works.
  18. i do believe i saw him go for take downs... and having an offensive game. he was just caught off guard by bj's take downs, and so was everyone, so it threw his game off a little. it didnt make it him playing defense. im saying. the first 2 rounds were very close and could have gone either way. i dont think reversals and getting on top counts as defense.... i think it counts as an offensive reversal, and controlling the position.... and then obvious 3rd round domination. bj dominated nothing.
  19. two words to u dbag. F*** YOU. leave forever.
  20. yes. i know, bj took his back twice, but fitch also reversed it twice and ended up on top.. making the first 2 rounds pretty freakin even lol dont get all mad about this thread. just calm discussion. but yea. and id def say rnd 3 was 10-8. penn did absolutely nothing but pray for his face. i dont remember ANYONE ever making penns face look like that. he NEVER bruises or swells or gets cut. at least i havent seen it. the 3rd was completely one sided.
  21. imo this fight would be terrible for hamil and a slap in the face to bader. hes climbed so high up the ladder it wouldnt be fair to fall that far down. i think u but him against the loser of rampage rashad.
  22. shady, no matter what we do or say, the sonnen ****s will never go away. im working on just ignoring their stupidity. i love how that kid thought u were serious with this thread at first lol
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