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  1. 0 in Red Deer or Sylvan Lake... this was all horse chit.
  2. My likes weren't being respected as they were a vast total of your lives...so I left this chithole!! 😁😁😁😁
  3. 2 of my brothers still live in Langley area.. it's pretty tense there they said. In Alberta it's the same but cheaper gas prices... lockdown is imminent.
  4. Your money is safe with a -900 on it as a return.. bet the house !!
  5. Dis tew much...... @carnages41 What are cabin fees this year and who do I gotta blow like a seal to make room...
  6. I'm heading to Barbados at the end of the month for 10 days. So when I get back I'll post more. I need to prioritize you ninja's back in my life
  7. Yup in Calgary..its a huge show. Massive stars come. And lots of fun. I go every year
  8. He's in Calgary this April. I finna meet the punisher in person.
  9. I no can defend I need cottage time....
  10. God I wished I knew how to play guitar... my fat fingers wouldn't know where to start ??
  11. Just saw this , Happy belated birthday my friend!!
  12. That's definitely the one but ya , try YIFY
  13. Zerk.. have you seen a Stallone independent film called Eye See You. ? Worth a watch
  14. Got 2nd place! Very happy. Great experience
  15. Zerk..watch it and give me your take brotha
  16. Just watched UNLOCKED I'm shocked at how many great actors and how good this was for a movie I never heard of.....
  17. I cant believe im just seeing this!! Congratulations my friend!!
  18. Just a relaxed shot. But the details are coming in..should be sharp for Saturday for my show... need all the food..lol
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