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  1. Yes I wonna c Cain smash werdums face in & get his revenge.
  2. Lol werdum should retire after his last performance. That was the most pathetic title defense in UFC history..God what CAN....
  3. He looked pretty damn good & even added spinning **** 2 his arsenal. I say he gets his belt back by early 2017. He says he's trainig smarter so hopefully he stays healthy. I say one more beat down b4 he gets a title shot. What do u cans think?
  4. Lol DP smashed this can lol......The King is dead.....
  5. Yea because Cain was gassed by the end of the first round. Cain dropped him in the 1st and was working him till he gassed. Hell same thing with Hunt. Hunt was owning him until he gassed as well.
  6. I wonna c Cain beat the living hell out of werdum. After last night's performance I am 100% sure the only reason Cain lost was because of the altitude
  7. cruz2990

    El Pantera......

    LOL Cains gonna smash that clown. Then he's gonna KO Stipe after Stipe KO's Werbum.... ****holds gonna wreck Weidmans face again. He's the one that will probably retire
  8. cruz2990

    El Pantera......

    The next baddass Mexican fighter. Dudes sick as hell & soon will be champ. U cans agree?
  9. Cain probably was watchin the reem fight & expected 2 c some buttscootin action. He will not make the same mistake twice. As 4 aldo he's not gonna lose. CANor will put up a Good Fight till he gets caught wit a flying knee.....
  10. cruz2990

    RIP in Piece Canor

    Lol this is a pipe dream 4 Natalie. But let's play make believe & this fight goes down. CANor by head kick KO in the first 10 seconds.....
  11. Ur still having flashbacks of da 2 JDS beat downs. Werdums gonna get it even worse..... u cans know it 2.....
  12. Whatever cans. I'll talk 2 u biches after the rematch happens. Both of u puzzies know dam wel Cain will destroy that can worse than he destroyed JDS in their rematch......
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