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  1. its a mismatch i think. GSP will get humiliated on this fight. Silva vs Jones GSP vs Diaz
  2. Didn't Jones put a beat down and made one of the most one sided fight in UFC history. He also lost to Griffin and Hendo.. He wont even fight Glover.. He choose the weaker opponent Vera instead. 2 WORDS SHOW GONE
  3. BJ will receive the worst beatdown of his career.. I just hope theres no more excuses after the fight
  4. Obviously everyone is seeing Penn as a stepping stone. Lot of guys calling him out now. His days are gone now.
  5. I think Page will win this one
  6. Wandy is really a ******.. and a top 5 worst coach of TUF
  7. Swick got destroyed by Hardy. He aint the same fighter anymore
  8. Very clever of the UFC to offer Kos a fight against BJ coz Kos might taunt and trash talk BJ and he'll get motivated to return to fight
  9. doubleindemnity

    War Kos!

    Penn choose WW so he will an excuse if he gets another beat down
  10. Amir did won rounds 2 and 3.. All Lopez did was scored some takedowns.. Amir did a lot of damages
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