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  1. Oh le, ohleohle, oh le? That's the one... I thought they were saying something. What is the point of chanting that? Ha
  2. I've tried to look it up but have found nothing. They chant the same "song" every card in Brazil, can anyone shed light?
  3. Even though little Nog got the decision win over American Brilz, when Brilz clearlyyy should have won?! Nog must still be on painkillers from that snapped arm.
  4. First off, you're stupid. In a fight you go until the ref stops it, not so your opponent in practice knows when you're done. He tapped the mat where the ref could see, if he tapped Lauzon with his right hand the ref would have never known.
  5. I have been a fan since UFC 94 and have been going out to Bdub's for every event. My only question is how long had it been picked up at Frickers, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc? Every place I go fight nights are packed and always fun but does anyone remember which event made them buy it? Or was it a gradual progression based on demand to specific bar's? Way back to Chuck's ascension? Lots of curious questions any answers are appreciated
  6. It's possible but Mir has the best submissions in the heavyweight division (not disparaging Nog he arguably is as well) and Mir couldn't even get close to one in the rematch due to Lesnar's increased knowledge of submissions. Anything can happen but I don't think he'll sub Brock.
  7. I hate using the word "live" twice within 4 words but there was no way around it. Anyway, can I? I have the APP and watching weigh ins is an option it just doesn't say if I can watch it as they happen or if it's uploaded later, thanks!
  8. What bothers me is that UFC fighters have fought these cans to pad their records.
  9. Baseball bat chokes are very possible without a Gi. I know because I've done it, and more importantly had it done TO ME. Once it's locked up by someone who knows the move it's pretty solid. Also I don't remember ever seeing an Oma Plata finished in the UFC which I find odd.
  10. LMFAO

    JDS drinking honey?

    And yes I'm sure he has great nutritionists around him I just found it odd.
  11. LMFAO

    JDS drinking honey?

    I'm late but I just watched the Ultimate insider from over a week ago and saw JDS gulping some honey before going to fight Cain. I know you probably can't eat a whole lot with nerves and all that and drinking honey will give you a nice blood sugar boost, and maybe I'm biased because I'm hypoglycemic, but why the heck would you want to risk a blood sugar crash mid fight? This may seem trivial to most people but sugar gets burned up very quickly and can't imagine fighting into later rounds on nothing but honey. I've never competed in MMA but I have in BJJ and boxing and you stomach whatever protein or calories you can handle not straight sugar! Not trolling either just curious if that's common for people to do?
  12. I've been saying he's a d0uche forever! Sign me up.
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