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  1. Name the discipline that you train, the amount of time you have trained and discipline you hope to train. Boxing 5 years, wrestling 1 year, bjj 1 year. Discuss
  2. If you notice I'm an old member of the forum my name was along time ago, you should also notice that wanderlei isn't even in my sig, also i think he should retire after he get knocked out by Stann.
  3. Fabio Maldonado is an amazing boxer? He went 22-0 against a bunch of cans in pro boxing. 18 of them either have losing records or were in their debut fights. He has decent hands but is far from an amazing boxer. He is for MMA, his mma boxing is amazing his hooks to the body are so technical and fluent.
  4. Glover got tagged with a wonderful lefthook by an amazing boxer in Maldonado, rampage doesn't have near the boxing of Glover to leap in and tag glover, Glover will keep rampage on the backfoot where rampage won't know how to fight off the backdoor, leap in and such.
  5. Calling it here first, anyone willing to sigbet me for this bout. Rampage has got nothing on Glover his stand up(boxing) is rubbish throwing hooks doesn't make you a boxer, he never jabs, doesn't work his way in. Glover can also take page down and submit or tko him. Mark my words this will happen. If you disagree sigbet me for this fight. Also page doesn't have near the motivation and determination of Glover.
  6. I was sparring with my brother, and I hit him with a left hook to the body and popped his rib cartilage, can anyone please tell me when he can get back to training
  7. Nick Diaz Nate Diaz Fabio Maldonado Mike Richman Brad Pickett
  8. Robert Whitaker will win the show heard it hear first, training first hand with robert at pma, I know he will win the show
  9. Nick Diaz has 11 wins by submission(including gomi) and 11 knockouts, Werdum has 8 wins by submission and 5 by knockout you point is invalid
  10. thats amazing dajermy would you please make a nick diaz wallpaper like all the sick ones you have made and try to make it bright please would really appreciate it
  11. How could of he possibly lost that fight he has been robbed in his last 2 fights
  12. wanderlei4ever

    John Lineker

    He is one of my favorite fighters from that fight he is amazing striker new fan for sure
  13. Has Georges St. Pierre surpassed Matt Hughes as the greatest welterweight of all time? Matt Hughes has defended the title 7 times: 1. def. Hayato Sakurai at UFC 36 on Mar 22, 2002 2. def. Carlos Newton at UFC 38 on Jul 13, 2002 3. def. Gil Castillo at UFC 40 on Nov 22, 2002 4. def. Sean Sherk at UFC 42 on Apr 25, 2003 5. def. Frank Trigg at UFC 45 on Nov 21, 2003 6. def. Frank Trigg at UFC 52 on Apr 16, 2005 7. def. B.J. Penn at UFC 63 on Sep 23, 2006 Georges St. Pierre has defended the title 6 times: 1. def. Jon Fitch at UFC 87 on Aug 9, 2008 2. def. B.J. Penn at UFC 94 on Jan 31, 2009 3. def. Thiago Alves at UFC 100 on Jul 11, 2009 4. def. Dan Hardy at UFC 111 on Mar 27, 2010 5. def. Josh Koscheck at UFC 124 on Dec 11, 2010 6. def. Jake Shields at UFC 129 on Apr 30, 2011 Georges St. Pierre is 2-1 against Matt Hughes some people say it doesn't count because Hughes beat Gsp in his prime, then Georges beat him when he wasn't in his prime. Who do you think is The GOAT of the Welterweight division
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