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  1. Roy Nelson v Mark Hunt. Iron Chin v Iron Chin. I think that roy has more iron in that chin than hunt. Hunt was KOed before several times, and GOAT cigano also Koed him. On the other hand, big mac roy nelson has never been kOed before. However, this would be his first time, hunt will knock him out Arlovski disagrees. That fight was crooked, had the worst stand up of all time when Nelson was kneeing Arloski and working on a kimura. I also think while Nelson was hurt it was far from a knock out. He was just too damn tired and the ref stopped it early.
  2. Ah I think you may be right, my bad. He excused himself before the massacre started, been a while since I've read the books. Was that the finale of the season or is there one more episode? Always disliked the Boltons, luckily have Sandor still who was my favorite character in the books and I like the actor who plays him in the show even though they took away a lot of his depth.
  3. Damn right in the gut multiple times. That wasn't in the books. I'm actually surprised they left the Umbers out of the wedding and had Bolton at the wedding
  4. I would say two to three fights. Don't want to keep seeing rematches like Edgar and Cain's run. I really don't see how Cain can fight 2 people over five fights.
  5. I think if you somehow combined Liddells skill set from when he was winding down his career with his prime chin he would have a decent shot. However prime Chuck had basically become a head hunter and stopped using his full range of techniques which would have been a disaster for him, and at the end of the career when he started using wrestling and kicks more his chin was gone to the point small children high fiving him would rock him.
  6. Chons I've seen your posts you have no room to be calling anyone out. Your only one step above patster as a poster and that's not saying much
  7. While I like the show I still think they should have done longer episodes. To me it just feels like there is no real progress by the end of each episode you get 5 minutes per character or so and it's not enough to do the books justice.
  8. To be fair most religions have had their fair share of wackjobs over the ages. It wasn't that long ago it was Christians shooting abortion doctors, muslims just happen to be this decades extremists.
  9. Yeah I read the same thing that someone they thought was a soldier was attacked with meat cleavers and/or machetes and then the attackers waited 20 minutes for the police to show up and when they did charged at the police before being shot.
  10. Lol I've watched my car roll down a hill before, luckily just ended up in my neighbours lawn with no damage to anything
  11. LMAO at all the GSP huggers. The biggest gripe from them regards Diaz is " Diaz breaks the rules, everyone else follows the rules, who the **** does Diaz think he is, blah, blah, blah. THEN, when the rules are broken to benefit their boy GSP, it's, " so the rules were tweaked a little, what's the big deal. Who care's ". Two faced, lowlife, classless, bunch of trouser gravy chuggin, **** kissers, the lot of em, ) :-q What rule did GSP break here? The decimal seems inconsistent and there may be something to it, but that's the commission not GSP.
  12. I don't expect the governor to die in the finale. I'm expecting woodbury to win and Rick or Hershal to get captured and the rest of the group forced out of the prison. Think that next season will be a few episodes of the group trying to plan how to get the captive back, killing the governor and then moving on to establish a new home.
  13. Fair and balanced news. Fox News is nothing more than a propoganda engine for the Republican party. While I think the people of Fox news live in a different reality than the rest of the world I don't think you can really trust any news station for political stances. Every station puts the best spin on things for their own side, and the viewers see the good in their station and the flaws and bias in opposing stations. People just need to do independant research and come to their own conclusions
  14. I think they should change it to the Zuffa HoF or MMA HoF and induct Wanderlei, Big Nog, Fedor and Dan Henderson for their respective careers maybe even Vitor Belfort though I would wait on him until later as I think he still has time left in his career. I think all the men I listed have had amazing careers and the HoF should recognize people's career accomplishments in other organizations (that where owned by Zuffa)
  15. I agree. Some of the rules have led to some really dumb things in the sport. The hand down on the canvas is just one example. Another example is Leites continually falling on his back during the Silva fight years ago. If a fighter could stomp or kick a downed opponent, I doubt that fighters would ever use that tactic again. I don't think you should be able to soccer kick or stomp opponents heads but knees to downed oponnents should be allowed. Even if they don't want to allow knees to the head of an opponent who is on their back they need to at least change the rule so fighters can't just put their hand on the mat to make the knees illegal. I also believe that takedowns are scored too highly, a takedown should score but not nearly as highly as it does. Active defense from your back should also count if your opponent isn;t doing anything with the takedowns. That being said I'm not sure how the rules would need to be changed for the judges to start scoring that way.
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