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  1. As usual, 2b-6b pencil on paper. My latest drawing of Max Holloway. I hope you guys like it. I've literally tried 10 different ways of posting but I am just not being allowed to.
  2. I would have faked an injury so badly
  3. Once. It was such a pain. But, here it is.
  4. Didn't know you were on this forum!
  5. Hey guys. Here's my latest drawing in my 'rivals' series of McG vs Diaz. It's 2,4,6 b pencils on Bristol paper. I hope you like it! Evan
  6. i just noticed that i'm an idiot. i started lawler vs RORY.
  7. Maybe. He's another standard looking dude like Weidman. Those are the hardest to draw.
  8. just started lawler vs robbie today.
  9. Youtube, snap, ig, twitter, fb etc... is all shomanart. Hit me up and I'll answe any q's you may have!
  10. Hey guys, Here's my latest drawing of Chris Weidman. Hope you like it. Evan
  11. 40-60 hours. less without the belt.
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