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  1. There are ALOT of great fights that could have happened over the years based on certain outcomes... heres a couple I wish I could have seen If Liddell beat Rampage we would have seen Liddell vs Hendo man that would of been a great fight! Another is if Cro Cop had avoided that disgusting headkick and beat Gonzaga he would of fought Couture which would have been a great fight and he would more than likely have become HW champ. Post some of your "could of happened below" fights below which would of been awesome.
  2. its gunna take a while to recover from that beating, he will be back better than ever I am sure
  3. I dunno why but I have always thought that Cruz is abit of a bum bandit, I think its the way he stares at Fabers chin
  4. Nick is a better version of Nate, but GSP is a MUCH better version of Bendo. I like Nick Diaz but I think GSP will man handle him like Rory did to Nate.
  5. Your probably right, but if it were to go to the ground it would be a Jitsfest
  6. If BJ beats Rory and Maia beats fitch when they fight then BJ vs Maia would be the best possible match-up and that would be an awesome fight.
  7. I rarely post but this crap has made me so furious that I had to, I had ZERO time for Jon Jones to start with so now its beyond words, so sign me up!!!
  8. Hey guys anyone know how to watch the prelims or do we have to pay?
  9. I dunno if this has been posted but its funny as hell! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lQq6wB6-ung#!
  10. Cain, Nelson, Stipe and Hunt are winners, then probly Finals Hunt vs Cain
  11. LMFAO, he still thinks wrestling is real
  12. SPiTFiRE1988

    Pixel Fighters

    Hey man I love your work there very cool and fun, I know hes not in the UFC anymore but you should do Brock Lesnar! Keep up the good work!
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