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  1. I hope Rey isn't the daughter of Luke or Han/Leia. It would be much cooler if she was the descendant of some other Jedi badass like Obi Wan Kenobi or Qui Gon Jinn. I mean, come on. If she shares a bloodline with Jedi Liam Neeson, she should be pretty much unstoppable.
  2. I just read Volumes 1-3 (tpb) of Future's End. DC comics New 52 tale where Batman Beyond goes back in time to 5 years from now to prevent the end of the world from happening. A good read overall, but the ending was a bit disappointing. Cool to see him in more or less present day. Introduced a cool new character named Fifty Sue. She appears to be an eight year old girl (by her own choosing, she can look however she wants) and was created in a lab by combining the DNA of pretty much every super powered being in existence. Sometimes she's good, sometimes not so much lol. Pretty much has the powers of God. She can manipulate reality, force people to do as she wishes, and create or destroy anything at will. Also invulnerability, super speed and strength and so forth. I really hope they use her again at some point. A bratty kid with a bad attitude and unlimited power.
  3. If Fedor doesn't at least fight a semi well known HW after this, I will be supremely disappointed. Couture would be my first choice. I know most people don't care about that fight anymore, but I'd still love to see it. Kongo would be ok. Even Lashley or Kimbo would be better than that can he's fighting.
  4. It really has to be GOT, but I voted Supernatural. Been a fan since day one, and never missed an episode. Fobar knows what's up. I watched the hell out of some Lost back in the day too.
  5. I don't drink on a regular basis anymore, but I did 17 shots of Patron last Saturday night and was still standing. I call that a win! Really wasn't even hung over the next day.
  6. Mountain looks like a large dog playing with a puppy. Being very careful not to hurt the little fella. Mountain vs. Pudz would be the best freak show fight ever lol.
  7. lol when I first read this I pictured a turkey shooting a plane out of the sky.
  8. Can't lie, I'd do all three. Beyonce gets the slight edge though.
  9. I've been thinking about getting this on my shoulder/upper arm. I love going fishing, and it has the whole old school marine map/compass vibe going for it. Plus I have the worst sense of direction of anyone you've ever met, so it's kind of funny too. And it looks kind of like the GOAT Sublime's logo.
  10. Started off in the surf and then did some wade fishing in the bay. Caught a few undersized redfish and speckled trout. I lost something big in the surf. It almost spooled me, but I was able to get it turned around and start bringing it in. After a 10+ minute fight, it came unhooked. I thought the line snapped, but the hook was still there when I reeled it in. Came off right after I yelled at my buddy to get the camera. Jinxed myself lol. Probably a big bull red. Damn thing was strong whatever it was.
  11. Organizing my tackle box and getting everything ready to go fishing early in the morning. Gonna put the 4 wheel drive in my new truck to the test!
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