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  1. I can't make goofy faces. My facial muscles are incapable of forming anything but seductive and intimidating expressions.
  2. Why indeed. There are odd ducks everywhere. Orange Italians with gelled hair, Asians and Whites living ghetto fabulous, and men and women who live their lives completely as the opposite gender. The oddness of people in general aside, I usually assume the great majority of people ink what they find cool. They may tat tribal, or Japanese lettering of GHEY when they wanted BAMF, tramp stamps, or the cool cartoon character of the day. Hell they may even ink their long time bed-mate thinking its going to last forever. As long as the wearer thinks it cool and enjoys their ink then what we tease won't bother them in the slightest. Wear your armband on your '9' inch guns proudly player! Sport that Japanese lettered GHEY on the back of your neck with your tank top on! Show off your Adventure Time ink knowing it will still be rad when you're in your 40's and the show is beloved by one and all. Truth be told though, the only people who will always be happy with their ink are those with emotional reasons/attachments to their ink.
  3. Damn fellas, I can't decide what's worse; the sanctimonious preaching or the indictment on the education system. Either way I worry about chicken salad's gag reflex while he smokes poles and ponders these deep thoughts. He may unknowingly cause himself permanent damage.
  4. Once a 09er, always a 09er. I gotta laugh though, some people who nobody paid attention to talk **** about the homies who left this place. Y'all were scrubs before we left, and you're still scrubs I see. Keeping the seats of the OGs warm doesn't make you one of us.
  5. I'm good my friend. I'll come visit you every few days so long as I'm not banned just to say hi. I hope someday that you'll take me up on my offer. Cheers mate!
  6. Still here sometimes. Sup Leiting, Stomp, and Chuck!:cool:
  7. Yeah but I'm not mad about it. This kinda **** won't bother you if you don't let it.
  8. Ok here's the deal. The UFC forums are very transient. They get new membership constantly that replaces those who leave. Like it or not, I doubt very much that their overall membership numbers have been affected by the mass exodus of 2011. Here's what I find a little unfair. Being a long time member you build e-friendships and invest your time into the site. You do so voluntarily, so its natural to develop an affinity towards the site. The harsh reality is: We really don't matter to them. This is a corporate owned site for a big boy company. They want die hards visiting here regularly, purchasing ad products, buying merchandise, and of course PPVs and live events. If you're a 09er, 10er, or 11er this is all they care about. Now the mods are people too, and we get to know them and think of them as e-friends too. They will never put a poster before their duties as a moderator. This may bother some people, but understanding this is important. Mods are also people, prone to make mistakes, and even play favorites and hold grudges. If you're getting banned for not breaking the rules I gotta tell you that should send you a clear message. You are bucking and not conforming so don't expect the hammer to leave you be. Either change your behavior or go elsewhere, complaining about it won't do anything. Anyhow peace out till next time (unless I get the hammer too).
  9. Apologies to my homie Smooth Criminal, but Floyd is a *****. Not even the kind of ***** you want to get close to but an abhorrent one that makes you cry and run away in horror. He has no credibility anymore as a fighter in my eyes.
  10. ^this^ I also don't really hate watching the newest Disney releases with my kids (even though I'm 38!):eek:
  11. I'm sensing an unusual amount of fear from the masses. Have the KGB really gone that overboard around here?:eek:
  12. Not bad, now if you were to say the only time your GF was ever wet was after the earthquake, you're getting closer to winning...
  13. Look around you'll spot me pretty easily even with the different handle. You just lurk or also post cause I know I haven't seen anybody with your handle.
  14. In that case it seems pretty ****in pointless to continue:)
  15. Bad music comes to mind, but I'd still hit that. Check your PMs Bender.
  16. Haha nice experiment! Did you find yourself feeling better and closer to Jeebus as the day wore on striving to be a good Christian? Or did noticing all your **** ups only make you feel ******?
  17. Current members? Ex Leiting Maurilo Uaquain Brewster Alot of you are good peeps though no doubt.
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