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  1. 1) BJ Penn vs everyone except Edgar 2) Frank Mir 3) GSP 4) JDS 5) Jon Jones 6) Couture 7) Gonzaga - the guy always KO's or is getting KO'd lol 8) Sean Sherk 9) Anderson silva 10) Forrest Griffin
  2. Im personally a grappling fan. Yeah you can KO someone but nothing is more gratifying then making your opponent say that "he quits" either verbally or by tap. You think if Jean Claude van Damn broke Chung Lis neck in Bloodsport it would have been a good ending. No. He made him give. Same sorta thing.
  3. But Randy, Bj, And JDS have the worst Cauli's Ive seen
  4. Umm from this picture it doesnt look like Brock has a Cauli at all. He also wore head gear while wrestling through college.
  5. exactly! He gets KTFO by Russow, and has a 7 second win...so what
  6. Who doesnt? Thats the real question, it takes a true man to walk around his home naked, also takes a true man to admit that he **** himself at dollywood!
  7. Yeah thats my bad, I forgot he fought Okami and McDonald And so Bonner lost due to a cut....so have a lot of other people rematch?
  8. So far Franklin vs Silva Arlovski vs Sylvia Penn vs Edgar Bonner vs Krystoff Rua vs Machida aand now Silva Sonnen? Why cant people lose and just take that loss and move on and continue fighting, christ GSP had to fight Kos and Hughes before he got another shot, and Mir had to fight Nog so why doesnt anyone else?
  9. Marshall498

    Karo BACK!

    Having Karo back means worlds for Judo fans, I mean watch his fights with deigo and Diaz...(the fight with Deigo should have been a split for Karo!) And even against GSP Karo has tons of heart and a never give up attidude. Yes he was addicted to pain killers, so what. Sean Sherk tested positive for roids, **** happens. Karo is in my opinion a force at 170 considering the fact he is still young. Id love to see Karo vs Fitch/Kos/Hardy I know he was bested and KO'd by Alves but common Alves is one hell of a strong fighter.
  10. Marshall498

    Karo BACK!

    UFC has finally let one of the best WW back into the UFC. Karo Parisyan vs dennis Hallman is on the card for 123 I believe. Thank god. Now there are 2 actual Judo fighters in the UFC again.
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