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  1. Having a crazy **** win in the end is pretty much the god damn definition of sjw.
  2. It gets worse. One of the entire books he calls kat-Lin kate-lin and it drives me ducking crazy and bran Brian
  3. The show just doesn’t do a good enough job of telling us what he does and doesn’t know and the extent of his ability
  4. Yeah. Those can be fragments to. He seen himself at the King’s moot, he seen Arya stab the NK with that dagger and he seen Theon sacrifice himself but doesn’t mean he knew how the events would come to be. Maybe he seen Dany burining kings landing but can he see what the consequences would be if he had stopped her? Maybe everything would have been worse. What are the consequences of him telling Jon about what Dany will do? Maybe she would have been murdered before sacking kings landing and then Cerci would March north and control everything.
  5. The only thing bran can clearly veiw is the past. Which is why he’s got the “best story” because he has all the stories.
  6. bro I don’t think he can just look into the future whenever he wants. If anything he sees fragments of events and then has to interpret the meaning probably like Melisandre. Who was wrong all the fkin time because she would act on things she was t completely sure of. Bran being the 3er probably has more sense then that and would prefer to deal with the situation once he’s completely sure of what’s to come
  7. Whatever happend with the wolf?
  8. 10 minute podcast and king and the sting
  9. The shows are Netflix originals so I doubt they’d have to take those off
  10. I bought bf4 for 30$ a couple weeks after it’s releas and it was the best battlefield that’s been released in years.
  11. Multiplayer in the new cod is cancer. I was never the best at Black ops but I could at lest hold a 1.0 k/d. This new one I don’t even want to look. Heist is a pretty cool mode that seems to be more balanced. But it’s pretty much all about Blackout
  12. This thread is gayer than two dads
  13. I heard f the first but now I can clearly hear a pause then excellent idea
  14. I could play any sega/Nintendo or ps1 game on my pc in like 2004. Why would anyone waste money on that crap
  15. I bet these ingrates wouldn’t walk up to a cancer patient and slap the medicine out of thier hand. Why do they want to cripple vitor
  16. Yeah it counts for cultural appropriation. They didn’t hire a real blue chick, she’s really some white stealing another colored persons role
  17. Oz does this chit all the time. Posts a spoiler under a tag and then comments on posts basically telling you what happens and acts like he didn’t do chit. He’s a f*g
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