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  1. They want to give him an easy fight so he can get back on track. They are doing the same for Cole Miller.
  2. Kingsbury will need a long recovery after his last fight.
  3. So now what, we won't see Franklin until around Christmas? THATS BS!!!!! There were many fighters they could of put against him. There's K-Soz, Anthony Perosh, James Te-Huna, Jason Brilz, Brandon Vera, or they could of gave Lyoto his money and fight Rashad, and have Franklin fight Tito.
  4. He's not co-main material, but he's the only legit opponent available. I don't see who else he will be matched up with since not a lot of guys aren't available, the only other fighter I can think of is Krystoff Sozynski.
  5. Vera is scheduled to fight Eliot Marshall in October, but I think he should fight Franklin instead.
  6. Lightweight: It's hard to tell with the lightweight division, we seen fighters such as G-Sot and Evan Dunham being looked at as the next big thing, and then they end up getting exposed, and dominated more then once(more G-Sot than Dunham). I'd say Barboza can be a threat if he can get pass Pearson. Welterweight: Carlos Eduardo Rocha He probably has one of the best BJJ in the division, he came close to submitting Ellenberger in the first round, and 8 of his wins are by submission. He has heart, and if he can work on his stand up then he'd be all set. Middleweight: Dongi Yang Very well rounded Light heavyeright: Kyle Kingsbury, Fabio Maldonado, Alexander Gustaffson There's a lot of talent in this division so its hard to pick only one. I know Fabio just lost but I think he has phenomenal and technical striking. Heavyweight: Dave Herman Fairly well rounded, has finished all but 1 fight, good striking, very experienced. Discuss who you guys think.
  7. I know Kongo is a gatekeeper, but I think they are feeding Mitrione to the wolves. Mitrione should of gotten Mike Russow and Kongo should of gotten Dave Herman. Oh well, still a cool match up.
  8. I like Phil Davis, but I doubt his fight against Rashad would of been entertaining, so I'm glad Tito stepped in. Also, I'm glad that Gustaffson is fighting Hamill instead of Vladdy, I love Vladdy and The Mauler, so I didn't want to see either of them lose. I like Hamill too, but I wouldn't mind seeing him lose to The Mauler.
  9. mike_4

    Gustaffson vs Hamill

    I was very excited for the original fight, but I liked both fighters and didn't want to see either of them lose. So I'm happy for this lol. I guess when Vladdy returns, he'll face the winner of Vemola/Markes.
  10. mike_4

    Gustaffson vs Hamill

    I got Gustaffson winning this, I don't know if Hamill can handle his stand up and reach.
  11. Tito got this! He won the first match, and what does he have that Rashad doesn't? He has good wrestling, and decent stand up. With Rashad's new style he's going to fight safe, Tito won't allow that. Rashad has ko power, but he's not knocking Tito out.
  12. I think Forrest should fight Rashad, and then have Machida fight Shogun in Brazil.
  13. He didn't do bad against Davis, but if Nog takes the fight against Rashad I don't think it would go so well, especially since Nog has been training for Franklin, Franklin and Rashad have way different styles.
  14. http://www.mmabay.co.uk/2011/07/13/lyoto-machida%e2%80%99s-wife-rules-him-out-of-ufc-133-clash-with-rashad-evans-due-to-short-notice/#more-53337
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