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  1. Nan, that was a pretty crappy part of my life. Was on a lot of drugs due to my illness, did a lot of dumb things back then
  2. Damn, wonder what he ends up weighing on fight night.
  3. Edgar is hard as hell to finish, it takes a sht load to put that guy out. Aldo's striking is deadly but he is going to have to push a lot to KO Edgar. Edgar Via UD.
  4. I see Aleks Vs Pudz happening in the near future. It was close to happening not too long ago but fell through. Aleks is a good fighter but I don't think he has the same passion for fighting as his brother. In his fight against Peter Graham he just seemed lazy and looked like he was ready to give up before the fight even started.
  5. Mitrione takes this, not sure why people are counting him out. He is still undefeated in my eyes, he won those first two rounds against Kongo IMO. He has a solid chin and a well rounded game, I think he beats Roy up and wins a UD.
  6. Cain will just continue to beat everyone who isn't JDS.
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