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  1. ur link is 3 years old and has nothing to do with zuffa
  2. maxx77

    Ask Leonie

    500 extra huh? not me
  3. they should have to fight two times before a rematch in my opionion
  4. Brock has the the most defenses at two right?
  5. Palmela handerson. Oh she perfect everytime
  6. sometimes it would help if you looked at a wikipedia before saying something like this.
  7. maxx77

    i miss

    the brock lesnar we had from 81 to 100. just saying
  8. maxx77

    Fire Goldie

    Sadly most of these people dont understant that in sports theres always a play by play ( guy who doesnt know much. ) and an analist who does
  9. In no order. Hendo silva fedor gsp penn
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