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    what the?

    It stands for "I have alot of QUIT in me" The guy is a idiot. He was born in Japan Lived his whole life in the USA......and now claims hes filipino.(must be a breed and not the country you are from) He is one of the most over hyped fighters in the UFC. He actually thought he could beat Chael Sonnen or Anderson Silva.....LOL then he tries to learn tagalog.....because he wants to be like Manny Pacquio What a Ship jumper........Hey Mark...if you want to represent the Philippines....move to the Philippines.....and tell us how it goes......LOL His wrestling is terrible.....even Chris Leben took him down 3 times...during the fight....and what is the deal with the fetal position when you get taken down.......thats a reciped for getting arm barred!
  2. MIR snaps JDS's limbs and he and Chael will both be wearing the UFC championship belts in 2012!!
  3. Silva is so chicken ...he still hasnt signed the contract to fight Chael!!!
  4. Edgar won on points! Benson is sure hard to look at....LOL He acts ignorant....not a good representative as a champion.
  5. Chael would whip both of them and Machida who was just stqnding on the side watching.....while the Noguerias run off into the dark screaming!!!
  6. Bisping is a Joke has powder punches......and still got taken down 4 times or more. It was a Boring fight...but Bisping still lost. Bisping landed no kicks, no power punches and has 1 reversal at the end of round 3 ....that sure doesnt win a fight. It wasnt a split decision .....it was a UD. Champions eekkk out wins on their (off days) and Bisping lost even on his best day. Dont listen to Joe Rogan too much he is started to get alittle one sided especially during Frank Mir fights!

    Chael "My Man" Sonnen

    Bisping goes down in more then one way! Bisping will get finished in round 1.
  8. Anderson is Chicken! After being beat on for 4 1/2 rounds and bein dropped 3 times by strikes .....hes like Brock...he doesnt like getting hit! Anderson wants no part of Chael Sonnen or Dan Henderson or Palhares!
  9. Dan would beat Vitor! 1. Dan has one punch (H bomb KO Power) 2. Dan is a better wrestler 3. Dan is alot mentally tougher.......Vitor has alot of Quit in him if things arent going his way! (ask Randy Couture) Vitor has always had some mental/confidence/thinks hes in church instead of the Octagon.) 4. Dan has never been KOed......Vitor has recently! Bottom line is Vitor has fast hands BJJ isnt that top level.....a fan could have jumped in and choked out Anthony Johnson at that point of the fight....I dont know if he was tired or just quit...but when he was on his knees he just wanted the fight to end.....so really not top level BJJ by Vitor.) Dan has all the other tools with much more Power. P.S. Vitor would get pounded out by Chael Sonnen and Submitted by Palhares.....
  10. When are they going to .....can melvin....how many times does he have to get choked out? Anytime this guy fights a top 10 fighter he gets submitted....everytime in the 1st round and usually in the 1st half of the 1st round......the guy has absolutely no ground skills and taps quicker then a Tap Dancer!
  11. The swamp land I am guessing is where you live.....LOL Are you on that show "Swamp People" ? are you renting or own?
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