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  1. Great fight. Silva was lucky to pull it off. I feel bad for Cheal, he had it won and got sloppy. I knew it was comming. Silva is faster than a squirl on crack. Now the important stuff!!! GSP and Silva... I think tonights fight answered that question for alot of people. Sonnen/Silva rematch..... I hate to say it for Cheal, but Silva will be prepaired next fight, wont be the same. Silva will stuff the take downs and will let the hands fly sooner. This fight will haunt Cheal for the rest of his life (2 more min and i would be champ). And finally... I kind of wanted Silva to loose, not because I like one fighter better than the other, just that it would have opend up the door for some real interesting fights, I would like to see Silva work his way back up and Sonnen would have some title defenses. I realy think this would have produced some really interesting fights. Oh, and one last thing. BJ does not deserve that rematch....and everyone knows it.
  2. I thought this was an excellent fight. Both fighters trained very hard. People are sayinng That Rashad is a joke. Well he tagged Rampage in the first and lucky for Rampage fans that Rashad didn't keep throuwing bombs or it would have been over right there. it was a good test of strength against the cage. Rashad worked had for those take down and Rampage has hetter takedown defense than what most people think. A lot o fans dont realize the amount of strenght and conditioning that play a part when tied up on the side of the cage. both fighters did great and would love to see them fight again. Tonight Rashad was the better fighter.
  3. There are alot of wrestlers in the UFC. Just because of a wrestling background doesn't make you a good fighter is radiculous. So in other words Mat Hughes isn't a good UFC fighter? Rashad won and things move on. Would Thiago fight Rashad the same way again...I doubt it. Should have worked on his takedown defense better. Its always great to say that your going to stand and bang, but fighters have a tendancy to go to their roots.
  4. I think he's earned that privlage. Also I think hes been a great coach on TUF. The guy realy cared about his fighters and taught them alot in a a short period of time. More than i can say for Rampage.
  5. Thank you. For the fans it might be lame but as a fighter you use your strenghts. A win is a win. I don't think this moves him up the ladder at all. This is also the same approach Rashad will have with Rampage. Can't blame the guy. Doing what he does best.
  6. G_man, Why do you hate Rashad so much. Thiago could have won the fight in the 3rd if he wasn't show boating. Maybe if he had the balls he would have taken it to Rashad in the first two rounds instead of getting thrown around like a 5 dollar *****.
  7. My bad. I ment Silva. must be i was starting to fall asleep from his performance
  8. yanks_27

    108 bang or bust

    I thought there were some great fights. Cole's submission was sick!
  9. Evans fought a good fight. Alves didn't. It's that simple. Alot of people don't like evans but he had a game plan and stuck to it. Of couse any fighter is going to use his strenghts first. If Alves had some balls he would have took it to Rashid instead of waiting untill the third round. Also, Machida is on a whole different level. Neither of these fighters stand a chance against him.
  10. yanks_27

    108 bang or bust

    Just wondering what everybody thought of the fights tonight. was it a good pay per view or should it have been a spike broadcast.
  11. Well said. You will see all the brock bandwagon bithces jumping ship.
  12. Frank will not rest untill he has his rubber match with brock. And a fierce as a competiter as Frank is, this one wont be easy for Brock. Will be a great fight and I think alot of people are going to be surprised at the outcome. Mir 3rd round by armbar.
  13. Frank will not rest untill he has his rubber match with brock. And a fierce as a competiter as Frank is, this one wont be easy for Brock. Will be a great fight and I think alot of people are going to be surprised at the outcome. Mir 3rd round by armbar.
  14. This thread is stupid. If any one here realy thinks that BJ just wanted to beat him for 5 rounds needs their head checked. BJ wanted to end that fight as soon as posible. I give Diego credit, 99% of fighters would not have made it through that first round beating. Diego is a great fighter with alot of heart. You cannot take away what the guy has accomplished. BJ hurt him bad in the first and Diego just never recovered. BJ is a great fighter but he is not invinceable. Diego and Kenflo will fight and the winner will fight BJ again. This will happen! YES, YES,YES! This is a true test for Diego. We will find out how much hart he has in his next fight. The first thing he needs to do is fire his corner and learn how to circle to the right. He was so stiff that the only head movement he had is when BJ hit him in the face.
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